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5 Websites That Own User Flow

User Flow: how we get our customers from the home page to the confirmation page.

In short, user flow is a series of steps a user takes to achieve a meaningful goal. When user flow falls flat, websites have high bounce rates, low conversions and lost leads. When a company puts time and conscious planning into user flow, the results speak for themselves. Here are 5 companies that use a clean, simple user experience to keep visitors engaged.  

When we analyze the customer user flow of a website we look at a few things:

Is the homepage design clean and free of excess copy?

The exact amount of desired text on a website is always based on current design trends, but a clean and easy-to-use website is timeless. There is nothing more off-putting then a homepage cluttered with information— especially on mobile. This style can slow down your website and be perceived by the viewer as spammy, which will inevitably lead to an ugly bounce rate.

Can you find a clear CTA on the homepage?

A CTA, or Call To Action, is the goal you want the website visitor to achieve. On a website, a CTA can be a contact form submission, a donation to a cause, a purchase, or any other action that benefits the viewer and company. Having a very clear CTA in an obvious location on the homepage will increase your chances of a website visitor taking that action.

Does the website offer too many CTAs?

It is confusing for the user when a website pulls them in multiple directions. To prioritize the pathways available on a website, we ask ourselves two things—”What does a viewer want to do on this site?” and “What do we want the viewer to do on the site?” The intersection of these two questions is the main Call To Action to promote on your homepage.

Websites with good user flow Lemonade renter's insurance

1 – Lemonade Renter’s Insurance 


  • Lemonade takes out any unnecessary noise by not including too much text at the top of the page and only offering one main option for a user flow pathway. Viewers can focus on the CTA at hand.  
  • The User Interface (UI) branding and styling stay simple and consistent through the entire user experience. This makes the process of signing up and creating an account seem simpler, shorter, and frankly, more fun. 
  • Once you start creating your profile, Lemonade includes a “give back” message to humanize the company and showcase brand values. This step also minimizes the buyer’s remorse that can accompany an online purchase.  
websites that have a good user interface wild renfrew

2 – Wild Renfrew 


  • A full customized design can go a long way in making a company seem more professional and knowledgeable than any competitors. Renfrew tourism has a fairly small customer base, so establishing a clean, modern website can put a company miles ahead of competition.
  • Wild Renfrew uses in-house content and images over stock photos whenever possible. Using images taken in-house establishes industry expertise and communicates the passion that the company has in its niche market. 
  • Video footage places the viewer right in the experience they are considering—just enough to understand the value of the trip but still leaves them wanting more. Using video is the best way to convey the quality of a product or service. 
  • The weather tab in the corner of the homepage does 2 things—it adds immediate and valuable information to the viewer, and further confirms industry knowledge and interest in the Renfrew tourism industry. 
websites that have good UX/UI duolingo

– Duolingo 


  • The visitor follows clear step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for a specific language. During this questioning process, Duolingo shows the online popularity of the brand by including stats of how many individuals are also on Duolingo studying a specific language (22.8 million people are currently learning Spanish). 
  • Duolingo’s middle name is “approachable.” The website offers a welcoming design and message as to not scare off the individual considering learning a new language. The interface does not look like extra homework to do, but more a fun activity to fall back on during free time. 
websites with great user flow thirdlove

4 – ThirdLove 


  • People love taking quizzes and answering questions about themselves (My boobs DO look like that!). Quizzes like ThirdLove’s Bra Fit Quiz not only speaks to this human desire to communicate information but also establishes industry expertise by offering information on product highlights throughout the quiz. 
  • Before giving results, ThirdLove asks for email information. To receive your bra recommendation, you enter their email marketing list for future campaigns and therefore become a warm lead. This is a form of “gated content”—incentive a visitor only has access to if they offer up contact info. 
websites with a good user flow quip

5 – Quip Toothbrushes 


  • It can be hard to create excitement around something as blah as a toothbrush. The minimalistic graphics are eye-catching and make basic dental hygiene seem interesting and modern. 
  • Quip is an expert at leaving meaningful whitespace. All information on the sight is pared down to one easy-to-read sentence. Minimizing the amount of text on a website clears up space for unique and clean design, as well as offering a clear and obvious pathway of what the user’s next step should be on the site. 
  • Quip highlights Instagram user reviews for quick and easy product review research. This takes out the need to leave the site to conduct this product research and results in fewer steps to achieve a goal. 

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