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5 Things to Know About Classy for Facebook

Every nonprofit wants to know people care about their cause. One of the most crucial ways people can do that is through peer to peer campaigns.  

Peer-to-peer campaigns are grown through the passion and dedication of your supporters to reach new audiences with your message. This kind of public support reinforces community trust in an organization and strengthens reputations. It also taps into a key mindset: People donate to people – not organizations. Potential donors are more likely to give through their friend’s fundraisers than an organization’s fundraisers because they get to experience and learn about a personal connection to the cause. 

While there are many ways to stimulate peer-to-peer fundraisers, one of the most crucial tactics is making the fundraiser creation as simple as possible. From social toolkits to lines of communication for support, there are steps you can take to create a simple fundraiser experience 

To take these tactics to the next level, Classy just made it even easier for people to reach out to their community with the Classy for Facebook integration. 

What is Classy for Facebook? 

Easy peerto-peer fundraising is a major value driver for customers considering working with Classy services. So, the fundraising platform is thinking outside of the box to extend the reach of these campaigns by partnering with Facebook.  

For the supporter, Classy for Facebook allows you to duplicate their Classy fundraising page to Facebook in just a few clicks. 

For the organization, Classy for Facebook allows you to seamlessly track peer-to-peer fundraisers on one platform with no overlaps, missed info, or confusion. 

This integration creates a simpler peer-to-peer fundraiser experience for their supporters and an increased fundraising presence on multiple channels. This streamlined peer-to-peer fundraiser campaign platform offers a convenient user experience and leverages the organic reach to Facebook communities. Since launching in 2015, Facebook fundraising has powered 45 million people to raise more than $3 billion for nonprofits. That is a lot of people willing to donate to important causes. The easier it is for your supporters to create these Facebook fundraisers, the more likely your community will tap into this opportunity for new donors. 


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5 things to know about Classy for Facebook 

It’s specifically to improve peer-to-peer fundraising 

A majority of the value of Classy for Facebook is for organization supporters. The new integration does not affect the productivity or creation of your internal Classy or Facebook donation campaigns. 

If you have a lot of interest from your supporters in starting fundraisers, or increasing peer-to-peer fundraisers is on your list of goals, this integration could be a great fit. And with the benefits of peer-to-peer fundraising, who doesn’t have that on their list of goals? 

The most recent Classy State of Modern Philanthropy report stated that return fundraisers usually raise over twice as much (126%) as single fundraisers. Repeat fundraisers can be almost 3x more valuable than one-time donors.

That is a lot of potential organization growth that comes straight from your supporters. That value is why it is crucial to create the most seamless peer-to-peer fundraising experience you can. 

It is a paid feature 

Don’t be fooled, this integration does not come free. 

Even if you already have a classy membership, the Classy for Facebook integration is a paid feature. You can log on to your account and choose to add on to your standard subscription. The price to add this functionality to your Classy subscription is currently $99/month. 

It fully integrates the fundraising process between Facebook donations and classy donations – instantly 

Two campaigns for the work of one! 

One of the major benefits of the Classy for Facebook integration is that fundraisers can be created, managed, and tracked in the Classy platform. No need to jump from campaign to campaign and add up the donations have to go through edits two times. All changes made in the classy platform are tracked in the Facebook fundraiser campaign instantly.  

On top of that, donations that your supporters raise on Facebook are measured in the classy fundraiser, and vice versa. So, you can see the full reach and engagement of the overall campaign no matter what platform you’re looking at.   

For the organization, you will also gain new reporting abilities that can be monitored on the Classy platform. 

The Classy for Facebook integration will grant you access to new fundraiser reporting information that breaks down fundraiser productivity by channel. You will be able to analyze which version of peer-to-peer fundraisers are the most productive in different situations. This data is crucial to help your supporters create the most effective fundraisers possible. 

You can reach out to supporters who haven’t tapped into Classy for Facebook 

So let’s say you invested in Classy for Facebook. How do you let your supporters know about this great new opportunity? 

When you connect the integration, you will immediately have some new additions to your email strategy. You will develop new contact segments as your peer to peer support grows: FB fundraisers and non-FB fundraisers. 

By segmenting your peer-to-peer fundraisers that are creating Classy fundraisers but are not leveraging Facebook, you have the power to connect with the individuals who would most benefit from this new integration.  

By segmenting individuals using Facebook for Classy, you can open a line of communication to help with their fundraisers. This is helpful for offering support, sharing important campaign milestones, and most importantly thanking fundraisers for their dedication to your cause. Many of these emails can be automated to send when each peer-to-peer fundraiser reaches an important goal. 

You have full control over the availability of the integration 

You decide when the Classy for Facebook integration is available per campaign. That means you can have more power surrounding the intent of peer-to-peer fundraisers. 

If you want to gain more leads for future outreach and relationship building, you may wait to turn on the Facebook fundraiser option. That way, every donor fills out their contact info through Classy. 

If your goal is gaining donations for a cause, you would want to have the Classy for Facebook option available right off the bat to maximize reach, awareness, and donations.   

There are several situations to effectively use each option to optimize peer-to-peer fundraising strategy. This integration makes it simple for organizations to manage the availability of Classy for Facebook with a quick toggle on or off. 


As good as you can explain your message, it can sound much stronger coming from the platform of a supporter. Giving your donors and supporters an easy way to fundraise is a great way to spread your message through your community and beyond. If you need help devising a peer to peer fundraiser stimulation strategy that works for you, reach out to our team! 

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