5 Types of Social Content Universities Can Leverage

Social media is a great way to show the different facets of value that your University offers. From informational content to entertainment to good ol’ fashioned school pride, you can curate social content that can engage and entice new prospective students with your school’s unique culture, history, benefits, events. Social media can paint a picture of what life is like at your university better than any brochure – putting in the time to create a full-bodied social presence of your university can speak to your future students with just the right mix of education, events, and fun.   

While it can be good to keep active accounts wherever your audience could find you, some platforms are going to be more beneficial than others. Facebook is usually the first that comes to mind when you think of general social strategy, but you’re catering to Gen Z Folks who will more likely be found on Instagram and TikTok. That means formal article shares are an aspect of the strategy, you have more opportunity to create content that is more flexible, entertaining, and fun.  

But, what should your higher education social content strategy include?  

User-generated Content  

Another large social content strategy that comes along with having a presence on the right platforms is the opportunity to share, promote, and circulate user-generated content. This can come from university clubs, professors, students, community groups, local businesses – anyone in your community doing or saying good things about your school.   

One of the most important things you can do to leverage this type of content is to have a consistent eye and ear to all platforms so you can catch great user-generated content right when it’s posted. Most schools have several thousand students and faculty – that may generate a large number of mentions in posts, stories, and articles. Do a sweep of what’s being published around your university so you have the opportunity to repost, interact, or start a conversation with everyone reaching out to you.  

Short-form video content  

If you cater to a younger population, you have most likely at least considered creating short-form video content. From TikTok to IG Reels, these shorter videos are the best way to create fun, casual, and easy-to-digest content that shows the personality and culture of your student body.  

While these videos are certainly more for entertainment than for selling, it’s easy to fit in the benefits of being a part of your university in a couple of seconds of production. From aerial views of a beautiful campus to mascot dancing to snapshots of wild ideas only college students could come up with, there’s no shortage of short-form video inspiration to dive into.   

Repurposing University articles  

While posting a link to an article on Facebook and Twitter may engage some people, you can extend your reach much farther by adapting the content for different platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Since you can’t just share a link and hope people click to learn more, it can take just a couple more steps. But with a good image or synopsis video and a leading caption, you can repurpose a great article to generate engagement around your student and faculty accolades on all of your platforms.   

Promote Diverse Clubs and Events  

While promoting clubs and events is not a revolutionary idea, it’s important to note because it does so much more than just fill a feed with content. By creating a diverse and widespread portfolio of the clubs, events, and elective activities available at your school, you open prospective student’s eyes that there’s so much more than just a football team.  

Find and showcase the niche, creative, and little-known clubs that don’t usually get air time. This will not only show your support for alternative clubs but also promote the diverse interests of the campus community. This “there’s something for everyone here” strategy will no doubt impress prospective niche-interest students that don’t usually see universities promoting log-cutting clubs or jazz clubs.  


Promote activism  

School river clean-up? A campus protest? Students engaging in local politics? Whether it’s born from your students or a university-sponsored activity, these are all great signifiers that your students are free-thinkers and dynamic individuals standing up for their values. And if the university jumps in in a meaningful way, all the better. Share instances of the higher education community banding to make a change. Cover adjusting or reacting to new rules or norms that better represent the times. State your support in protecting human rights.   

Whatever the cause of your students, backing them publicly and with action is a great way to not seem out of touch and let the whole community know you listen and appreciate activism.  


We promise creating multiple types of content to cater to your audience seems overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are ready to spice up your higher education feeds, reach out to the Dowitcher team! 

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