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6 Must Have iPhone Photography Apps

If you’re anything like me, you have your smartphone within arms reach 24/7. You just never know when you’re going to receive a business call, need to look up recent news, or update your Facebook status. Right? Most recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve been increasingly using my Smartphone to take snapshots of my everyday life. I typically love to take pictures with my chunky digital camera, however it can be a pain to haul around with me everywhere. So I’ve decided to give my Nikon a rest and have started to play around with everything my iPhones camera has to offer.

Since I upgraded to the iPhone 5s and its more advanced camera hardware, I have been experimenting with tons of photography apps and have been amazed with the results. If you’ve ever searched in the app store, than you know there are HUNDREDS of photo editing apps out there. To help you get started, I’ve decided to share my favorite photography apps with you. These apps are fun and easy to use and I know that you will love them. With some practice you will discover that the power of professional photo editing programs is right at your fingertips!

Here are my top 6 photography apps that I use when editing my photos, listed in no particular order:

Squaready (free)

This is a must have app if you are an avid Instagram user like I am! It allows you to keep the original size of your photo in a square format by resizing it and adding a background around it. The default color is white but you are given the option to change the background color to anything you would like. #InstagramPro

The beach is too beautiful to crop! After using this app my picture is Instagram ready!

PicFrame (free)

You take so many amazing shots on your phone you shouldn’t have to choose just one to share! Well, now you don’t have to! With this app you can combine multiple photos into over 70 different frame layouts! This one is perfect for collages and is better then many other collage apps because it allows you to add videos inside your collages! How cool is that?! You can also add text and adjust the frame shape, size, and colors.

Here’s a quick and easy collage I made from pictures I took from my vacation last weekend. P.S. YES! That mac and cheese hot dog was amazing.
Here’s a quick and easy collage I made from pictures I took from my vacation last weekend. P.S. YES! That mac and cheese hot dog was amazing.

Cropic (free)

This app is a great photography app for beginners. It introduces basic photo editing techniques such as cropping, filters, image rotation and background designs. Although there isn’t much of a variety of colors and designs, this app is great for those of you who are just getting started or looking for simplicity. Go ahead and give it a try, this one is fool proof.

The photo on the left is my original snapshot. With a few taps of a button I created a cropped filtered version of my original photo. Pretty artsy right?

Camera+ (free)

Now this one is the holy grail of photography apps! In this app you can tweak every detail of your photo to make it look fabulous. With one tap you can adjust the exposure and focus of your photo to get the perfect lighting.  If you think your native iPhone camera app takes great pictures you are going to be amazed with the quality of the photos you are able to take with the Camera+ app. Camera+ also gives you over 30 powerful filters, 16 scene modes to enhance exposure and colors, as well as tons of Photoshop type capabilities. The Wall Street Journal called Camera+ “the iphone photographys secret weapon” and I completely agree! It’s truly a must have to bring out the best in your photo.

To bring this picture to life I used the clarity filter to add crispness to my shot. I also used the Vibrancy Boost and a bit of Soft Focus to bring out the colors and add a romantic feel to this magical photo! Check out how professional the final photo looks compared to the original ! WOW!

Facetune ($3.99)

Do you ever wonder how celebrities look magazine ready in all of their personal pictures? I have found the secret and its Facetune! Facetune allows you to get Photoshop quality photos on your Smartphone! Download this app and you can use it to whiten your smile, smooth your skin, change your eye color, improve lighting and so much more! (Sorry Kim Kardashian I have exposed your secret) #PerfectYourSelfie

We all have imperfections we would rather not show in our pictures. I used Facetune to soften my facial imperfections, lighten the photo, and whiten my teeth. Instant Results!

Phonto (free)

A simple app that allows you to add an artistic touch to your pictures. Add text, shapes, stickers and quotes to your favorite shots in a snap. It’s like having a graphic designer in your pocket! I love this app because it’s so easy to use and gives my pictures so much more personality!

Making phone wallpapers or website banners is so easy! Here is wallpaper that I created! Can you tell I love the beach?

Check out these photography apps for yourself and start getting creative with your photos! Do you have any other great photo apps that are your absolute “must haves”? Let us know which ones you love in the comments below!

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