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8tracks: New Kid on the Internet Radio Block

Take a second out from your hectic day and just listen to what you hear right …… now. Well? I bet you caught lyrics of that new Taylor Swift song and now it’s playing nonstop in your head (I’m truly sorry about that) or maybe you’re feeling nostalgic because your favorite 80’s anthem was just on. Whether you’re in your car, at the gym or in the office, chances are you’re playing background music to get you through your busy day. Nothing new here, we’ve been listening to music since they had those ancient circular disks we used to purchase in stores. But what is new is the way we listen to music. I mean it is 2015!

Listening to your favorite jams on CD’s is really a thing of the past, and as I’m sure you already know, Internet radio is the latest and greatest way to listen to music virtually anywhere you are. But is your favorite Internet radio service really the best option out there? Here’s a look at some of the most visited Internet radio sites in 2014 from Edison Research:


Here in the Dowitcher office, Pandora was also the main Internet radio station we listened to. That is until I introduced 8tracks. Borrowing its name from the old eight-track tapes of the 1960s, 8tracks is an up and coming Internet radio streaming site that stands out from the rest for many reasons. The biggest difference is that 8tracks puts the people back into the music. Finally people who have musical tastes just like yours create your playlists, not computer algorithms! Power to the people! Now artists and music lovers alike have a greater say in what they listen to.

Check out my full breakdown comparing the features of Pandora vs. 8tracks:


  • You have to register to listen to music
  • There’s tons of annoying commercials
  • Only 6 skips are permitted per hour per station
  • Listeners have to pay $4.99 a month to listen to music without Ads
  • Playlists are created by computer algorithm




  •  Everyone can listen to mixes for free without registering
  • 8tracks doesn’t have commercial interruption EVER!
  • Listeners can select multiple hashtags to sort mixes based on their moods or current activities, such as #upbeat, #happy, or #workout
  • The range of music available spans from Folk to Dubstep and everything in between.
  • Listeners can also comment on, favorite, and share mixes.
  • Playlists are created by PEOPLE

If you’re a Pandora lover I urge you to check out 8tracks today! Trust me, you wont regret you did (need I remind you there are no commercial breaks EVER?!)

Let us know if you plan on rediscovering music through 8tracks in the comments below.

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