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All About Blogging

Work blogging into a piece of your business pie.

I know, I know. I’m using a blog to tell you about why you should have one. Yes, I’m blogging about blogging.

Biased much? Admittedly, I am. I’m entirely sold on the concept of blogging as an extension of your business. Done right, a blog can help grow both your business and your professional life.

Here’s what a blog is, what it isn’t, and why I think you should do it.

What a blog is

It’s fodder for search engines. People who search for products or information related to your business just might see your blog turn up in their search results. Presto — new visitors that might not have found your website otherwise.

It’s traffic-generating. Good content tends to get linked to often, which establishes trust and helps drive even more people to your site.

It’s positioning. You know you’re an expert, but does anyone else? Your blog is a chance to prove it. Discussing the news, ideas, theories, best practices, and processes involving your business indirectly promotes your products or services and establishes you as a professional.

It’s an extension of your brand. Blogging is an opportunity to develop a unique voice and personality for your business that will foster connections with clients and peers.

It’s community-building. Comments from readers offer up a variety of different viewpoints and sparks interesting conversation.

It’s networking. Blogging opens channels to new contacts in your field or industry — and potential business partnerships.

What a blog isn’t

It isn’t Facebook. Which is to say that you can’t write a one-off sentence, upload a picture, and hit “publish.” Don’t throw peanuts at the crowd. Make sure you’re serving your readers meat and potatoes, or they’ll leave hungry –and they won’t come back.

It isn’t your ego on a platter. Your blog isn’t about you. No offense, but no one cares. There’s a fine line between healthy self-promotion and three-ring-circus featuring yourself as the star attraction. Don’t allow your posts cross over into aggressive endorsement. Focus on how you can help others.

It isn’t sell, sell, sell. People are suspicious by nature. Nobody trusts a blogger whose advice always ends up directly benefitting him or her. Make sure your words don’t paint you as a shrill shill.

It isn’t corporate mumbo jumbo. There’s nothing more frustrating than reading a blog post that sounds like marketing copy lifted out of a catalog. Do you happen to have world-class strategies that incentivize deliverables and leverage value? That’s great, but readers don’t want to hear about it. If you want to get anywhere, talk to them like you would a peer over coffee.

Why you should blog

Why? Well, for all the reasons listed under “what a blog is.” Whether you’re a marketer for a big corporation or a small independent business owner, a blog is a great way to extend your brand, showcase your knowledge, and drive traffic to your site.

Now get out there and start blogging!

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