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B2B Marketing Trends [Infographic]

Hopefully you’re not too sick of all the trends and predictions blogs because I really like this infographic from Brafton and had to share it!

Most of these probably won’t be surprising. You’ve heard terms like “personalization,” “automation,” and “AI” before and you might even already be implementing a few of these into your content marketing strategies. But in case you aren’t, or need a bit of guidance for where to go, keep reading for a rundown on some of the more exciting B2B marketing trends that you’ll want to master in order to stay successful.

Customer Experience (CX)

It’s easy to be a little behind on this one. Technology and consumer behaviors are constantly changing. To provide a positive customer experience, brands must focus on speed, accuracy, knowledgeable help, and friendliness.

Why? Well, thanks to Amazon, we all expect same-day delivery! Netflix is a nightly ritual, thanks to on-demand streaming. Google gives us literally any information we want with just one click (or a simple voice command). Customers are only happy when everything works the way it’s supposed to – consistently and in real time. And so, consumers demand this from their experiences: efficiency, convenience, knowledge, and friendly service.


You want to be focusing on creating awesome content, we know that, but there is a lot of content already out there, flooding search engine result pages (SERPs). Sometimes, creating new content isn’t always the best way to get listed on page 1.

New content means you’re starting from nothing; you haven’t accrued any external links and Google hasn’t indexed or ranked your page before. It can be hard to get immediate results. But what you can do is repurpose some of your content. Re-optimize existing posts! You get to keep your current URL and SERP position all while updating and improving your content. This might look like adding in findings from more recent research, fresh new imagery, or expanding on certain topics. B2B brands can revamp old content and focus on creating long-form content (in depth articles, guides, white papers etc.).

Paid ads

Organic search doesn’t get your business everything. B2B brands know that paid search ads can do wonders for boosting their organic listing in SERPs. Results are fast, it’s easy to measure success, and they help your brand stand out. Want to see increased brand awareness, visibility, and traffic? Try paid ads.

Check out the infographic below for more on which marketing trends will grow more impactful in 2019 and beyond.

B2B marketing trends

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