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Best Sites for Beautiful Business Cards: Our Top Picks

beautiful business cards
Image via Zazzle

As long as I have industry events, parties, and networking mixers to attend, I will always have a need for business cards to hand out. And I’m sure this is the case for everybody else, too, right? Sure, there’s been a decline in demand for traditional printed marketing materials over the years (you’ll never hear me go as far as claiming that “print is dead,” but I can admit there is less of a market) but, in my opinion, business cards will never disappear. They’re a foolproof way to market yourself and make a great first impression.

Most people want their business cards to stand out from the rest and for that you’ll need a pretty design. Budgets aren’t the most flexible, particularly for the self-employed. And it can be cost-prohibitive to hire someone to design business cards and get them printed for you. If you want something even remotely custom and distinct, well, you’ll spend more than you bargained for making that special printing happen.

But, wait, there’s a glimmer of hope! There are many online business card services that will have you paying considerably less while still getting a creative, quality product! Why compromise when you can get the best of all worlds? Keep reading for more information on our top picks for beautiful business cards.


business card services

When we first covered the topic of business cards, Moo was at the top of our list and it still is! Here’s why:

  • With MOO’s Printfinity, every card is unique. You can print a different design on the back of every single card with no extra cost.
  • You can use your own designs or, for those of us who aren’t artistically-inclined, choose one of MOO’s fun options.
  • You can choose square business cards, mini business cards, gold foil, or glossy! You can even get cotton business cards!

Basically, if you need options, MOO is your best bet.


business card services

This company sells a lot more than business cards but today, let’s take a look at what they offer for businesses.

Minted uses independent artists. This means there’s a continual supply of new, unique designs to choose from. There are lots of options, which is great, especially for a company whose business card service isn’t the main source of revenue. From foil pressed, to hand-drawn, to block cards they have plenty of options without becoming overwhelmed.

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All cards can be customized to match any color you like or to incorporate your business’s logo. Plus, every order comes with a complimentary card holder. Score! Minted’s chic business cards (printed on luxe paper) are meant to fit to your personal style.


beautiful business cards
Yes, that’s a glamorous SPARKLE business card!

Jukebox is an independent printing company whose attention to detail makes me swoon. They have an incredible selection of card stock types, from traditional white paper to textured pulp to recycled options. For the daring, the company even offers bamboo, wood, cork, or silk cards! A wide variety of paper colors and typefaces means you’ll end up with a card that looks like no other.

Jukebox offers more customization and personalization options than others printing companies. So if you’re into that, Jukebox is the site for you. But don’t worry, if creating your own design doesn’t appeal, there are also plenty of pre-built designs to choose from. They also have top-notch customer service so if you’re in a bind, the support team can help.

Jukebox’s has competitive pricing but it’s not where you should go if you’re bargain shopping. You get what you pay for – a truly high-end, unique business card.


beautiful business cards

Zazzle has an extensive selection of business card styles. Their marketplace has hundreds of templates created by their community of independent designers. All of these are customizable.

Want to try your hand at designing? Add your own flair but creating a custom business card. You choose your size and shape, then your paper type (there are 12 options). Maybe you’ll make it a magnet? Or opt for rounded corners?


beautiful business cards
Leaf-shaped business cards: for when you can’t choose between rounded corners and straight edges!

With GotPrint, you can upload your own design, create a custom design using its tools, or hire their team of professional designers to create a look for you!

There are special shapes to choose from (oval, circle, square, leaf , wink, and half circle) and premium paper options. In a nutshell, GotPrint offers lots of versatility good prices, and fast turnaround.


Bonus Resources:

For a more classic look, check out both Crane & Co.The Stationery StudioPaper Source, and Shutterfly. There are only a few options so making a decision shouldn’t be too difficult!

And, lastly, I’ll make a quick plug for Dowitcher: If you are ever in need of a custom design – for business cards or any piece of collateral – get in touch with us!


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