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Black Infant Health

California Department of Public Health

Project Overview

Black Infant Health (BIH) is a statewide program through the California Department of Public Health that provides free services, regardless of income, to Black birthing persons throughout the state. BIH aims to improve health among Black mothers and babies by empowering pregnant and mothering Black women to make healthy choices for a brighter future.

The Challenge

BIH needed to increase enrollment and raise awareness to reach expecting mothers and others in the Black community.

While different locations were part of the same statewide program, there had never been a combined outreach effort. There were no unified brand guidelines or messaging and jurisdictions often had to start from scratch to create any outreach materials.

The Goal

Raise awareness and enrollment through unified, branded communications and a statewide media campaign.

Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines

The Solution

Market Research

We started with market research and an audit of existing materials to understand what was out in the community, analyze performance, and identify regional factors.

Branding & Messaging

We moved quickly into creating an updated brand identity, including logo, type faces, and materials to present a unified brand across communications. This was shared with all jurisdictions for use for quick implementation.

We evaluated existing messaging and created unified messaging for use across locations and platforms. We also identified opportunities for testing on new digital platforms.

Graphics & Print Materials

We leveraged the new branding to create updated materials currently in use, including flyers, brochures, signage, and more.


BIH needed the opportunity to provide educational resources and identify interested individuals. We designed and developed a website that highlights what the program offers.

The site features an interactive map with contact information for locations throughout the state, and an online interest form that forwards information to the nearest BIH location for potential enrollment. It also delivers educational resources and highlights in-person and virtual events throughout the state.


We created a branded presence for BIH across social media platforms along with targeted social content that was shared through the state channels and could be reposted by jurisdictions. New active channels include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, with paid placements on TikTok and Snapchat.

Mobile App

The BIH mobile app provides educational resources and an online community of BIH program participants, where current and previous participants can stay in touch and where potential new participants can connect with other Black mothers and mothers-to-be.

The app also features interactive games, resources for mental, physical, financial and relationship health, and options to contact a nearby BIH location.

The Results

The website alone has seen over 76,000 views since launch. The media campaign has generated over 10,000 new inquiries about enrollment, and jurisdictions report that enrollment figures are already surpassing the goals for the year (with months to go).

Locations are leveraging the new branding and print assets, and new printed materials like palm cards, flyers, and signage are in use at events throughout the state.

With the new analytics and assets in place, we’ll continue tracking performance and optimize to best support BIH in the amazing work they do throughout our state.