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Blogging Strategies: Repurposing Your Content

Reuse and recycle, that’s my motto.


There is really no reason to create something from scratch every single time you want to reach out and engage with your audience. You just need to be creative and innovative! I know, I know – easier said than done. Just how does one get the most out of a piece of content? First, let’s start with what it is and why we do it.

Why you repurpose content

Contrary to what some naysayers believe, repurposing content is not the ‘easy way out.’ Don’t let words with negative connotations, like rehashing, fool you: repurposing content is working smartly. If you aren’t resharing content you’re hurting both yourself/your company and those who didn’t get to read/see it the first time around. Don’t limit the potential of that great piece of content you put so much time, effort, and money into by only promoting it once. Take your best content and turn it into new forms of content to reach a new larger audience.

Reason Number One – You want to improve SEO rankings.

Writing more than one article that all use the same keywords will give you an SEO boost. Repurposing your blog content can increase further link-building opportunities.

Reason Number Two – You want to extend you reach.

Everyone has this goal, right? Repurposing your content let’s you reach new people. You start with something that was designed for one particular audience and repurpose it for a different one. Some people prefer visuals or audio over text. Reformatting your content for different channels will help you appeal to more people and extend your reach.

Reason Number Three – You don’t want your content to be forgotten.

Repetition will make sure your message sticks. The initial content promotion likely only reached a small group of people. Pushing it again helps reach those who missed your post or social share.

Reason Number Four – You worked hard.

High quality content deserves to be made the most of. It takes hours of research, writing, and designing to create content, no? So go ahead and take a look back at your past efforts and repurpose certain pieces because your accomplishments deserve to be shared!

What to repurpose

As covered in an earlier blog, creating evergreen content is a crucial aspect to a strong blog and content marketing strategy. What that means is it’s worth your while to create SEO content that is continually relevant for readers. It doesn’t always take NEW content to bring in new traffic.

There’s lots of room to work with evergreen content. You can modify the original post (update the information, add in a different image) and reshare or make no edits and simply promote it again! You can start a series of posts to keep a topic going even longer and share your best content and knowledge.

Often times, relevant content will be your best-performing content that garnered high engagement. Find the pieces of content with the most likes, shares and comments and get to work repackaging them. It’s not a good strategy to reshare everything you create so, I must reiterate, only share relevant content!

And finally, we move on to  how you reach more people and drive blog content with content you’ve already made.

How you repurpose

There are myriad ways to revamp your content. Try repurposing a blog post into any of the following:

  • e-book,
  • white paper,
  • slide deck,
  • infographic,
  • video,
  • webinar,
  • podcast,
  • practical guide.

Transforming a text-heavy post into a more visually appealing format makes it more digestible and remarkable.




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