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Boost Your Organic Reach on Facebook

I’m a stickler for good grammar and spelling. Perhaps to a fault — but there’s no wrong in doing things correctly. And that goes double if you’re representing your business.

That’s why I was initially reluctant to share this infographic on Facebook engagement from Quick Sprout with you. Because the advice is solid, but one of the very first lines uses “you’re” when it should be “your.” Later, it uses “it’s” instead of “its.” Small details, yes, but they’re big ones in terms of reputation, and in this case they could have easily been fixed with the help of a proofreader before going public.

This time I urge you to look beyond the typos because in terms of quality of information and design, this infographic is much better than average. It’s about a question that we get asked all the time, and I’m willing to bet you’re wondering about it, too.

Have you noticed you don’t get as many Facebook shares, likes, and comments as you used to? There’s a reason for that. Well, there are actually a few reasons:

  • The ever-changing and ever-evolving Facebook algorithm, which is calculated based on as many as 100,000 weights;
  • The fact that users’ newsfeeds are already overflowing with posts from millions of business pages;
  • And the fact that Facebook has a vested interest in making you pay for wider reach via ads (more money for Facebook).

It may seem daunting but there are actually ways you can increase your organic Facebook reach without having to pay for the privilege. This infographic walks you through actionable ways to get better engagement results, including:

  • Posting at non-peak times.
  • Asking questions and listening.
  • Creating useful, sharable pictographs and infographics.

Read on for more. And let this be a reminder that details do matter! Even if it’s just one misplaced apostrophe, your audience notices.


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