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Building a Brand Personality

Marketers often talk about developing a “voice.” Cultivating a brand personality is one of the best things a company can do to attract – and keep – their ideal customer. One of the best ways to grow that brand personality is through social media. However, growing a true and loyal following – building a strong brand voice – is more than just getting fans or followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Let’s break it all down.

What is ‘brand personality?’

Brand personality is a set of human characteristics attributed to a brand name – the personification of a brand. It’s something to which consumers can relate and a consistent set of traits that a target audience enjoys.

It helps a company or organization shape the way people feel about its product, service, or mission. It elicits emotional responses in a specific consumer segment and hopefully incites positive actions which benefit the business.

Dimensions of brand personalities

There are five main types of brand personalities: excitement, sincerity, ruggedness, competence and sophistication.

  1. Excitement = daring, spirited, imaginative, carefree, youthful
  2. Sincerity = honest, wholesome, cheerful, genuine, thoughtful
  3. Ruggedness = tough, outdoorsy, strong, athletic
  4. Competence = reliable, successful, intelligent, responsible
  5. Sophistication = charming, upper class, glamorous, elegant

Take for example, Chanel. Clearly the luxury brand leans towards sophistication and attracts a consumer base that is more likely to spend a lot of money. A brand like REI, on the other hand, is known for its rugged brand personality and focuses on inspiring their adventurous, outdoorsy audience.


Don’t forget, you want to tell customers a story they relate to, so which of the above will you embrace to accomplish this? You can’t be all things to all people. Instead, focus on your brand voice and put out one, clear message into the world.

Embrace a brand personality

Brands personalities resonate with consumers. Not only are brands with an identity easier to remember and identify, customers tend to be more loyal and trusting of a brand with a personality. Brand personalities also help show how a certain company can fit into different people’s lifestyles.

Some businesses are afraid of engagement. What if someone says something negative about their company? As a result, those business’s brand voice is weak. You don’t have to push buttons and rile people up for your brand to find success on social media. You do have to be willing to stop mimicking the bores around you and step outside the typical corporate mold. Find your unique personality and demonstrate it on social. Find your own voice and use it (meaning actually talk to people) because, remember, we’re meant to be social on social media.

What are some of your favorite brands and personalities?

~ ~ ~

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