Attribution explained: What is the real ROI of Paid Social?

Attribution explained: What is the real ROI of Paid Social?  In 2018, companies in the United States spent close to 27 billion on social media spending alone. That ad spend will continue to grow – but what are we actually getting out of this effort? Sometimes, a paid ad strategy feels like throwing money into a big pit as a ritual sacrifice and hoping we will be rewarded. It can be so easy to choose...

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Facebook’s New Data-Deleting Tool and What It Means For Marketers

Facebook’s New Data-Deleting Tool and What It Means For Marketers From a company you accidentally clicked on months ago to sites you visit every day, these companies have your data to use and leverage. And when I say ‘these companies’, I also mean… us. If you are a marketer or even had a hand in marketing strategy, chances are you have benefitted from Facebook collecting customer data.   Late January...

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The best feel-good marketing campaigns of 2019

The best feel-good marketing campaigns of 2019 How can you gain new traction, audience, or support? Do good.  Creating inspirational campaigns that appeal to the good of humanity will never go out of style. Sometimes people will question the sincerity of these campaigns but if they are done right, real change can occur. That can come in the form of political change, environmental change, or even...

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2020 Digital Marketing Trends

2020 Digital Marketing Trends  2020 is right around the corner… and also around that corner are some exciting (anxiety-inducing?) tweaks to your marketing strategy. A major theme to 2020 digital marketing trends comes from a shift in perspective from our audiences. We are seeing higher expectations in what our followers expect from us; both in our company and in our community. So, 2020 will be...

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Strategies that Minimize Buyer’s Remorse

Strategies that Minimize Buyer’s Remorse Last night, I popped into Lush Cosmetics because I had time to spare and love the smells that always accompany the business. Without any plans to purchase, I perused the bath-bombs and happened upon the shampoo bars. Having the average amount of green-guilt we all tend to have, I’ve always been intrigued by this little plastic-free alternative to bottled...

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The Rise of Phony Ads and How They Ruin Reputations

The Rise of Phony Ads and How They Ruin Reputations Today, my Monday morning started with a bad Facebook review for a client who claimed we spammed them with ‘crass and inappropriate’ ads. My heart skipping a beat, I reviewed our ads for anything that could be considered crass, and (of course) came up empty. Reaching out to Facebook support for more insight, they filled me in on the growing epidemic...

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Leveraging Instagram for Peer to Peer Fundraisers

Leveraging Instagram for Peer to Peer Fundraisers Facebook has historically brought it with the Peer-t-peer fundraiser functionalities, but Instagram has taken steps to be an even easier platform to promote nonprofit donations. The Instagram donate button that was an added functionality to Instagram stories can be a game-changer for peer-to-peer fundraisers. It takes less than one minute to set...

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How to Market Boring Products on Social Media

How to Market Boring Products on Social Media We can’t all sell shiny diamond necklaces and skateboards. But what about homeowner’s insurance? Tampons? Allergy Meds? And everything else that has always been considered a boring product? Comparing your product to necklaces and skateboards may make you feel a bit of FOMO. Keep in mind – most companies are selling boring products that are not considered...

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Life After December: Turn Holiday Leads Into Lifetime Customers

One-purchase wonders are great. Lifetime supporters are better.   If you do holiday promoting right, brand awareness and activity boosts during the holiday season. On average, holiday content  ad impressions typically increase by 50% during the holiday season, click-through rates rise 100% and direct traffic increases by 150%. That means we are getting a boatload...

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Revisit your Audience Personas this Holiday

Oh, the holidays… Love them or hate them, they are a great time to boost engagement from a larger audience. When you use the right strategy and targeting, you can grow your audience in a way that benefits you for the New Year and beyond by looking at your audience personas. But is your company’s targeting strategy in November and December the same as your strategy in...

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How Owning Your Company Mission Statement Stimulates Brand Loyalty

This is for the people who spend 5 minutes deciding what eggs to buy based on the perceived nice-ness of the chicken pastures.  Are they free-range or just cage-free? Does the carton include information on the well-being of the chickens? Extra points in they mention they name the chickens. Ultimately, the product that wins is the one that includes a “chicken of the month”...

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Keep in touch over the holidays without being creepy

Email discounts quickly pile up in our inboxes. Post campaigns are quickly strewn together and peppered in our social streams. Even Christmas cards are stuffed in our physical mailboxes with hopes that you purchase something. Anything! Sometimes, we can all forget that the true meaning of the holidays isn’t about spending lots of money on luxury items. If you push too hard, your customers...

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