Management Tips: Guide Your Marketing Team to Growth

Regardless of whether you choose to have a marketing agency assist, a strong and empowered in-house marketing team can move mountains for your company. They are the mastermind of your brand, the communications liaison for outsourced jobs, and the main point of communication to your customer. Your marketing teams have hands in all of your communication buckets. Whether they are teams of...

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Structured Data Strategy Updates for 2020

Structured data strategy is a really easy phrase to throw around, but do we understand what it is and what it does?  In the ever-changing realm of SEO, even the most experienced SEO expert feels a few steps behind the constant Google algorithm updates. Trendy SEO hacks will come and go, but there are core practices that will always hold useful: Have a fast, healthy websiteCreate consistent...

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Compelling storytelling for nonprofit giving

A powerful nonprofit story can change minds, influence change, and impact entire communities.   Storytelling is how we learn about someone’s struggles and how we can emotionally connect with individuals whether they are 5 feet away or thousands of miles away.  You don’t need to already be a prominent figure to spread your story to millions of people. Some of the...

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Walmart Took a Political Stance – Should You?

Up until very recently, it has been taboo for any company to take on a political stance.  The veil around every piece of content has been ‘make sure it’s politically neutral’. Businesses were so scared of polarizing issues that they kept out of conversations that directly affected their industry. However, due to the recent political climate newer companies have taken...

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How The Daily Wins At Relationship Marketing

From the New York Times, I’m Michael Barbaro. This is The Daily.  If you’re anything like me, almost all your working world knowledge is cultivated on a 45-minute morning commute to work listening to The Daily. The Daily is a NY Times-produced podcast that tackles current events 5 days a week. The Daily team pumps out deep-dive discussions into the political sphere, international...

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Nonprofits can run abandoned cart campaigns too

Nonprofits can run abandoned cart campaigns too “HEY, REMEMBER THAT TIME YOU ALMOST GAVE US MONEY? HAHAHA US TOO.”  It can be awkward to remind well-intentioned people that they never completed the online donation process. This kind of outreach feels impossible for a nonprofit because nonprofits run off the charitable giving of the public. It doesn’t scream grateful when you call someone out for...

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What Would Your Audience Tell You If You Asked?

Here’s a hint: they are probably already telling you. Customers value a two-way street for audience communication. This practice opens a conversation and people like to know they are heard. Besides the main point of understanding and relating to your customers, effective digital communication can: Increase the awareness of your brand, because it requires you to be active and available on...

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What To Do With A Bad Review

We get it – you put your heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into your business. That one negative review is a tiny heartbreak that ruins your day. It makes you want to shout to the universe how that feedback is false and unfair. Bad reviews may seem like stains on your brand’s reputation, but we promise one or two bad reviews aren’t as awful as they seem. Yes –...

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Creative Ads: Super Bowl Highlights and More

The Super Bowl is behind us and that means we’ve been inundated with reports on which advertisers “won.”* Rankings differ, naturally. The Super Bowl Ad Meter from USA Today ranks spots based on online user ratings. The top five included the NFL’s “The 100-Year Game,” Amazon’s “Not Everything Makes the Cut,” Microsoft’s “We Will All...

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2018: A Year in Review

As we wrap up 2018, it’s nice to look back and see what highlights stood out in the past 12 months for our industry. What notable developments has the marketing and design field seen and how will that influence the year to come? The Shift of Google Google rebranded its ad lineup this summer, starting with Google AdWords. In case you missed it, the famed advertising service is now Google Ads....

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Thoughtful Tips on Facebook Advertising

There’s a tremendous amount to talk about when it comes to social advertising. And there’s a lot of information to dive into about Facebook advertising alone. We talk about the importance of visual identity and images on social quite a bit on the Dowitcher blog, so I’ll skip talking about the importance of the creative…for now. If you don’t think you need to advertise...

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The Effects of Social Media on Ad Spend

Research shows that marketers today are investing more in social networks (like Instagram), video channels, and messaging apps (like Facebook Messenger) in an attempt to reach customers and prospects in the online arenas they frequent. HubSpot’s State of Inbound reports that 46% of teams have higher budgets in 2018 and a lot of that is going to social marketing! We know, for example, marketers...

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