Ways to Celebrate Female Entrepreneurs During Women’s Small Business Month

Ways to Celebrate Female Entrepreneurs During Women’s Small Business Month October is Women’s Small Business Month!    As one of the over 12 million women-owned businesses in the United States, we are a part of a community that is strong, capable, and a driving force of the American economy.    Don’t believe us? Here are some stats that back that up:   US women-owned businesses generate 1.8 trillion...

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Celebrate Certified Diverse Suppliers

Celebrate Certified Diverse Suppliers Proud to be included and inclusive   Companies across all industries had a rude awakening in their complacency this year when the public started questioning their blanket statements on diversity. In the ANA report The Power of Supplier Diversity, only 40% of their survey responders say they have a supplier diversity strategy for advertising and marketing.  When...

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Life After December: Turn Holiday Leads Into Lifetime Customers

One-purchase wonders are great. Lifetime supporters are better.   If you do holiday promoting right, brand awareness and activity boosts during the holiday season. On average, holiday content  ad impressions typically increase by 50% during the holiday season, click-through rates rise 100% and direct traffic increases by 150%. That means we are getting a boatload...

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Revisit your Audience Personas this Holiday

Oh, the holidays… Love them or hate them, they are a great time to boost engagement from a larger audience. When you use the right strategy and targeting, you can grow your audience in a way that benefits you for the New Year and beyond by looking at your audience personas. But is your company’s targeting strategy in November and December the same as your strategy in...

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How Owning Your Company Mission Statement Stimulates Brand Loyalty

This is for the people who spend 5 minutes deciding what eggs to buy based on the perceived nice-ness of the chicken pastures.  Are they free-range or just cage-free? Does the carton include information on the well-being of the chickens? Extra points in they mention they name the chickens. Ultimately, the product that wins is the one that includes a “chicken of the month”...

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Keep in touch over the holidays without being creepy

Email discounts quickly pile up in our inboxes. Post campaigns are quickly strewn together and peppered in our social streams. Even Christmas cards are stuffed in our physical mailboxes with hopes that you purchase something. Anything! Sometimes, we can all forget that the true meaning of the holidays isn’t about spending lots of money on luxury items. If you push too hard, your customers...

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Management Tips: Guide Your Marketing Team to Growth

Regardless of whether you choose to have a marketing agency assist, a strong and empowered in-house marketing team can move mountains for your company. They are the mastermind of your brand, the communications liaison for outsourced jobs, and the main point of communication to your customer. Your marketing teams have hands in all of your communication buckets. Whether they are teams of...

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Structured Data Strategy Updates for 2020

Structured data strategy is a really easy phrase to throw around, but do we understand what it is and what it does?  In the ever-changing realm of SEO, even the most experienced SEO expert feels a few steps behind the constant Google algorithm updates. Trendy SEO hacks will come and go, but there are core practices that will always hold useful: Have a fast, healthy websiteCreate consistent...

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Walmart Took a Political Stance – Should You?

Up until very recently, it has been taboo for any company to take on a political stance.  The veil around every piece of content has been ‘make sure it’s politically neutral’. Businesses were so scared of polarizing issues that they kept out of conversations that directly affected their industry. However, due to the recent political climate newer companies have taken...

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Meet Tanya, Dowitcher’s Girls Inc. Extern!

We are delighted to welcome Tanya Sanchez to our team, as an extern through the Girls Inc. Eureka! program. This is our fourth year participating in this summer program and each June we just get so excited to have the extra hands and imaginative young brain around. 🙂 Tanya is a thoughtful teen from Carpinteria High School. In addition to being on her school’s softball team, she has already...

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Looking Back on the Last Decade

When we first realized that 2016 marked 10 years in business (a whole decade went by, what?!) we thought about all things that have changed in the digital landscape, from iPhones to social media networks to design trends. We reflected on how much Dowitcher Designs has grown and what we’re looking forward to in the coming years. Amber touched on several of these industry and company milestones...

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Meet Gina, Dowitcher’s Newest Graphic Designer!

Drumroll, please! We are delighted to introduce out newest Graphic Designer, Gina Agapito. Gina recently graduated summa cum laude with a B.F.A from the Art and Design program at Cal Poly, where her concentration was in Graphic Design. She comes to us with fresh perspectives and creative ideas. We wanted to learn a bit more about her and, as she settled in, she took a little time to answer our questions. What...

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