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Dowitcher Sponsors a Dowitcher!

So not everyone realizes our agency is named after a bird (yep, we’re that into nature), and birds of a feather have to stick together, right?! We’re proud to announce our sponsorship of an injured Long-billed Dowitcher currently being cared for by our friends at International Bird Rescue. We’d like to joke about her getting some well-deserved R&R at the spa, but turns out...

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Today We Are 8!

It’s hard to believe, but today Dowitcher Designs turns 8 years old. Our company is halfway to getting a driver’s license! A lot has happened since we started out back in 2006. Along the way we’ve adapted to meet the changing needs of our clients in a rapidly evolving digital age. We’ve moved offices, added more staff, and moved offices again to accommodate our growing staff....

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We’ve never been big fans of the ‘Welcome’ page here at Dowitcher Designs (wasn’t it the ’90s when we all wrote ‘Welcome to our Home Page!’ with such excitement?!), but we’re making an exception to welcome you to our blog. We look forward to keeping you informed, and hopefully making you laugh from time to time. We’ll be covering the latest trends...

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