Co-Branding vs Affiliate Marketing: Which One Is Right For You?

Co-Branding vs Affiliate Marketing: Which One Is Right For You? Leveraging a relationship with another local business or community has many benefits, from creating new revenue channels to finding new engaged audiences. Small-scale relationships can grow viewership and improve brand reputation. Partnerships can create a movement to build off of for years to come. There are 2 major ways to reach...

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The best feel-good marketing campaigns of 2019

The best feel-good marketing campaigns of 2019 How can you gain new traction, audience, or support? Do good.  Creating inspirational campaigns that appeal to the good of humanity will never go out of style. Sometimes people will question the sincerity of these campaigns but if they are done right, real change can occur. That can come in the form of political change, environmental change, or even...

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2020 Digital Marketing Trends

2020 Digital Marketing Trends  2020 is right around the corner… and also around that corner are some exciting (anxiety-inducing?) tweaks to your marketing strategy. A major theme to 2020 digital marketing trends comes from a shift in perspective from our audiences. We are seeing higher expectations in what our followers expect from us; both in our company and in our community. So, 2020 will be...

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5 Customer Relations Practices You Need To Adapt

5 Customer Relations Practices You Need To Adapt All the money, effort, time and planning you put into getting in front of potential customers is awesome. But, what do you do once you have their attention? Your customer relations strategy can hugely impact your business – positively or negatively. Certain relationship marketing practices need to be recognized to stay competitive in the coming years....

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Life After December: Turn Holiday Leads Into Lifetime Customers

One-purchase wonders are great. Lifetime supporters are better.   If you do holiday promoting right, brand awareness and activity boosts during the holiday season. On average, holiday content  ad impressions typically increase by 50% during the holiday season, click-through rates rise 100% and direct traffic increases by 150%. That means we are getting a boatload...

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Revisit your Audience Personas this Holiday

Oh, the holidays… Love them or hate them, they are a great time to boost engagement from a larger audience. When you use the right strategy and targeting, you can grow your audience in a way that benefits you for the New Year and beyond by looking at your audience personas. But is your company’s targeting strategy in November and December the same as your strategy in...

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How Owning Your Company Mission Statement Stimulates Brand Loyalty

This is for the people who spend 5 minutes deciding what eggs to buy based on the perceived nice-ness of the chicken pastures.  Are they free-range or just cage-free? Does the carton include information on the well-being of the chickens? Extra points in they mention they name the chickens. Ultimately, the product that wins is the one that includes a “chicken of the month”...

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Compelling storytelling for nonprofit giving

A powerful nonprofit story can change minds, influence change, and impact entire communities.   Storytelling is how we learn about someone’s struggles and how we can emotionally connect with individuals whether they are 5 feet away or thousands of miles away.  You don’t need to already be a prominent figure to spread your story to millions of people. Some of the...

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Turn Competitors into Allies

The black hat SEO tactics, brand name targeting on Google ads, bad-mouthing to potential clients… Oh my! Nasty competitors can add a negative tinge to your entire workday.  Wouldn’t a life free of negative competition and full of mutual support be amazing? It almost sounds too good to be true.  We suppose that, in some situations, it is. If you have a truly toxic competitor,...

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Walmart Took a Political Stance – Should You?

Up until very recently, it has been taboo for any company to take on a political stance.  The veil around every piece of content has been ‘make sure it’s politically neutral’. Businesses were so scared of polarizing issues that they kept out of conversations that directly affected their industry. However, due to the recent political climate newer companies have taken...

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Time Saving Tips for Your Business

Every once in awhile I run across an article talking about the “50+ Best Time Saving Tips for Small Businesses” or “25 All-Time Best Ways to Save Time and Make More Money.” Now, I love lists but these long lists always seem, well, sooo long. I’m a busy marketer and I don’t have time to do all fifty things at once to maybe save two minutes here or there....

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How (not) to ask agencies for free work

It’s bound to happen. You have a great idea for a campaign, and no budget to pull it off. Or maybe you run a nonprofit and need to raise money, but don’t have the resources to make that happen. Whatever the reason, there often comes a time when you need to ask your agency to do something for free. We’ve been on the other side of that, and have developed a few do’s and...

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