What to do if you don’t know the full scope of your project

As you move into the request for proposal (RFP) process and start looking for agencies and partners, you’ll need a project scope and budget. But what if you don’t know the full project scope yet? It’s actually more common than you might think, and not necessarily a bad thing. It just means there is another step in the process. Going to an agency without a set scope will show you a lot...

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Why you should communicate your budget upfront with your agency

Not everyone’s comfortable talking about money, even (in some cases, especially) with their agencies. But leaving budget discussions off the table is a bad idea. It can lead to misunderstandings, misalignment, and worse. Let’s look at a few scenarios. Say you really don’t have a set budget. I’ve been in the room with an agency owner who, when the client said he didn’t have a set budget,...

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Want to write a compelling creative brief? Ask these questions.

Want to write a compelling creative brief? Ask these questions. A creative brief provides the vision and parameters for all work done on a project. It summarizes marketing touchpoints and ultimately makes it easier for both the client and the agency to track progress. Creative briefs document the client and agency relationship throughout the project while guiding the process. Here are important...

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Measuring the Success of Your Year-End Appeal

Well, it’s officially a new year and that means all your holiday season marketing campaigns are over. And for all our nonprofit friends, the results from your year end appeal are in! While the impetus is to hit the ground running with new fundraising campaigns, we need to also look back for a moment. It is time to see how successful your year-end campaign was and how to adjust for...

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Goal Setting For 2019

Plenty of people make personal resolutions this time of year, from cutting out sugar, to doing more yoga, or having less screen time at home. But what about your business resolutions, and, more specifically, for those in the marketing world, what are your goals? I’m sure you’ve spent a lot of time on building your 2019 marketing strategy and know all about setting SMART goals so we...

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Finishing strong: key things to complete this month

Can you believe the end of the year is here?? The end of any year is a great time to ensure you’ve brought in as much business as you can with your marketing activities – and to plan for all the exciting new opportunities a new year brings. You probably already have your to-do list made and are busy checking things off but in case you’re like me and have a nagging feeling that...

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The Art of Conducting a Project Debrief

The Art of Conducting a Project Debrief The debriefing stage is often one that is overlooked but trust me, after a big project, there’s nothing better than conducting some sort of retrospective. Actually, a debrief is great after a small project, a successful project, or even a not-so-successful one! I’ll admit, it can be a bit uncomfortable to sift through a recent project failure. But you can...

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Increase Your Marketing Budget

Marketers constantly juggle many projects: planning their next campaign, delivering the current one, daily business such as email, social work, and meetings. But one of their most important tasks is measuring the contribution a certain marketing campaign has on revenue and profits. Because that can lead to increases in budget and we all want that! Marketing budgets are on the rise but marketers...

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What You Need to Know About Marketing Reporting

As an integrated marketing agency, we do lots of reporting for our clients and know that marketing + data is a crucial combination. How do organizations determine if a marketing strategy is working or whether they should even pursue a certain strategy without looking at metrics? It can be challenging, that’s for sure, but digging into analytics tools and social insights helps answer specific...

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What to Consider Before Switching Agencies

Relationships can be complicated, and the relationship with your agency is no different. Maybe things started off great. You were both excited, ready to excel together in whatever you approached. But the situation has changed. You’re not getting what you need, and it’s time to evaluate making a change. But where do you start, and how do you know if now is the right time? Here are a few questions...

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Budget Planning for 2019

Ah, budgets. The topic everybody loves to talk about. No? Just me? Well, 2018 is quickly coming to a close and today we’re going to dive into planning your marketing budget for next year. “How much should be spent on marketing?” “What’s the average marketing budget?” Fair questions but the answer is going to vary, based on a lot of factors, e.g. the size of your...

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When to outsource your digital marketing

Many companies try to keep work internal, hiring new employees to fill positions rather than outsourcing the work. People often think of outsourcing as relocating functions overseas but it can also be done locally to maximize growth potential and efficiency. Outsourced services include finance, accounting, HR, legal, and IT but I’m here to discuss outsourcing your digital marketing. Why...

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