Understanding Your Agency’s Change Orders

Understanding Your Agency’s Change Orders Things have been rolling along with your project and all of a sudden your agency says your latest request is out of scope. You might have known that the request was a bit more than usual, or you might think it’s completely within scope (and then you’re probably frustrated). It depends on your project, the request, your relationship with the agency, and...

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Changing Your Marketing Plan On The Fly

You’ve put in the work. You read our blog on why marketing without a strategy is like going grocery shopping without a list. You created a well-thought out marketing plan. You built a strategy that details some awesome campaigns. Despite all the careful planning, things are not going the way you thought they would. Something is throwing a wrench in your processes. What’s a marketer to...

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Creating a Request for Proposal (RFP)

You’re ready. You have the project funding, or at least enough to get you started. Or maybe you’re sure you’re going to get the funding but you need the official documentation to release it. Wherever you are in your process, you’re ready for qualified bids and it’s time to craft a Request for Proposals (RFP). We know there are many types of RFPs. We’re going to dig into the ones we know best and...

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10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Marketing Agency

Want to find new customers? Build a stronger brand? Engage with existing customers? Effective marketing campaigns require careful planning and your business or organization just might not have the resources to do it in-house. Hiring a marketing agency can help achieve results for your business. What do you need to know before hiring a marketing agency? This marketing agency wants to help out; here...

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A Scary Good Halloween Idea

Have you heard about the latest Halloween trend? No, not Wonder Woman costumes or crazy beauty tricks. I’m talking about NO-CARVE PUMPKINS. And I am here for it. It’s a genius idea that means even my leave-it-to-the-last-minute self can get on board with the holidays. One of the first things I realized as an adult was that my very shoddily carved pumpkins start to rot way too quickly....

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The Benefits of Writing a Meeting Agenda

The Benefits of Writing a Meeting Agenda Have you ever been to a meeting that quickly descends into chaos? You sit there, wondering why you bothered showing up and whether any decisions are ever going to be made. Sound all-to-familiar? Meetings are the worst. But they do not have to be! If the above scenario has happened to you, I’m guessing there was no previously written agenda. If you, or whomever...

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Meet Tanya, Dowitcher’s Girls Inc. Extern!

We are delighted to welcome Tanya Sanchez to our team, as an extern through the Girls Inc. Eureka! program. This is our fourth year participating in this summer program and each June we just get so excited to have the extra hands and imaginative young brain around. 🙂 Tanya is a thoughtful teen from Carpinteria High School. In addition to being on her school’s softball team, she has already...

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Back to Basics: Web Hosting

Typically, when creating a website, a lot of questions pop up. One of the questions we often begin by asking clients who are looking for a new website is “Do you have your current web hosting information?” We’ll need that down the line and we like to ask early so that people have time to do a little digging if they don’t have the information easily accessible…or if...

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Understanding the New LinkedIn Layout

Image courtesy of LinkedIn Updated October 2020 Have you been on LinkedIn recently? You may have noticed that there’s been a bit of change on the platform. New developments  have resulted in the site looking very different from its former self. There are more than 706 million accounts on the site, leaving LinkedIn with the challenge of delivering value to a varied groups of users. Coupled...

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An Overview of Copyright Policy And Fair Image Use

I remember learning about plagiarism in elementary school. The idea kind of follows you throughout your educational career, with teachers belaboring the point of how copying another’s work will have huge consequences. How to properly cite someone’s work is very important (and different professors have different style preferences). Now, plagiarism is different than copyright but it got...

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It’s Time for a Vacation, Here’s Why

Got plans for the new year? Launching a new business, a new marketing campaign, buying a new car? No matter what your plans are, we think you should build in some time for a vacation (if you haven’t already). Taking a little time away from the office (even one as nice as what I go to every day) is a good way to kick off any resolutions you may have. A big problem about vacations is that we...

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Blogging Strategies: Becoming a Successful Content Creator

Blogging: not just for the fashionista millennials A blog is an asset of any strong content marketing tactic. Most established businesses know the importance of blogging. They understand the purpose of incorporating blogging into their content strategy is to educate, engage, and attract more readers and customers. Done right, a blog can help grow both your business and your professional life. Content...

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