The Resurgence of QR Codes

The Resurgence of QR Codes Do you recall how several years ago quick response (QR) codes were on everything? You know what I’m talking about: those square black and white symbols that you could scan using your Blackberry smartphone to learn more about a product? Then they kind of “died” and marketers moved on! That’s how it seems to go with many overhyped trends and technologies. But this marketing...

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Should Your Small Business Have Live Chat?

Should Your Small Business Have Live Chat? We live in a world of instant gratification. We can order items online that arrive the next day. This is why our customers have come to not only appreciate but expect to be able to converse with a company and have an immediate response. Because companies from all industries are jumping on the ‘instant communication’ bandwagon, the threshold for appropriate...

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Is Text Message Marketing a Good Idea?

Is Text Message Marketing a Good Idea? Text message marketing – not a new practice, but one that many companies have been apprehensive about leveraging. This apprehension is for good reason – people have a much lower threshold for text marketing outreach than most other marketing channels. We aren’t talking about appointment reminders or code confirmations – people widely use and appreciate these...

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5 Websites That Own User Flow

5 Websites That Own User Flow User Flow: how we get our customers from the home page to the confirmation page. In short, user flow is a series of steps a user takes to achieve a meaningful goal. When user flow falls flat, websites have high bounce rates, low conversions and lost leads. When a company puts time and conscious planning into user flow, the results speak for themselves. Here are 5 companies...

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Forget the Funnel

The funnel is changing. Consumer behavior has changed and therefore so has the buyer’s journey. Now, yes – we’ve known this for years and many savvy marketing directors have already adopted full-funnel marketing strategies. But with the rise of mobile-first we have even more insights to back the claim that we need to completely rethink the traditional marketing funnel...

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Voice Search: Thinking Beyond Google

What would you say if I said, voice search in 2019 isn’t a single-search-engine game? There are four dominant voice assistants on the market and only one – Google Assistant – uses Google’s search engine and Google applications. Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, owned by Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, respectively, are in hundreds of millions of voice-enabled devices and don’t...

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Understanding Micro-Moments

People are attached to their smartphones, right? Which means people are inundated with more marketing messages than ever before…and there’s a huge risk that we will just tune everything out. But what about those moments when people choose to engage with brands? When they turn to their mobile with intent, looking for something immediately? For marketers, these moments – when people...

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Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

Don’t look now but 2016 is almost over. (Many, I’m sure, are not sad to see it go.) As a new year fast approaches let’s take this time to reflect on the past 12 months. Digital marketing is in a constant state of flux. It can be challenging to stay up-to-date on social networks and stay one step ahead of the competition on emerging technologies and strategies. Looking back, what...

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Google Announces Big Changes

Google announced a slew of major updates and new products at the Google Performance Summit in San Francisco on May 24, 2016. This annual event is for key Google AdWords and Analytics customers and shares sneak peaks into new features, product plans, research, and more. Google has been making big announcements in the spring for several years now and they usually center around mobile. This year was...

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Are You Snapping Yet?

Optimizing Snapchat for Your Business We’ve written about Snapchat a few times on the Dowitcher blog but I realized, while perusing the archives, that we’ve never delved deep into how it can be used for businesses. That’s likely because, at first, it was really just an alternative social network for teens. Now, however, the social platform has evolved (as all good long-lasting...

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3 Places to Connect with Mobile Customers

We know that the mobile revolution has been here for quite awhile. Almost 95% of smartphone owners use their cell phones to conduct business. And 87% of consumers turn to their smartphone to search for local business information.  This makes it imperative that your business does everything it can to reach them via mobile, right? So how do you provide a great mobile experience and connect with potential...

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5 Mobile Website Design Must-Haves

The mobile revolution is here — well, it has been here for quite a while. The mobile revolution has arrived, unpacked its bags, rummaged around in your fridge, put its feet up on your new recliner, and fallen asleep with its hand in your bag of chips. Mobile’s more than made itself at home in our world, but have you made your website at home with mobile yet? There’s a good chance...

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