Best Practices for an Engaging Annual Report

Best Practices for an Engaging Annual Report It’s that time of year again. The dust has settled from your holiday marketing campaigns and it’s time to reflect and report on last year’s activities. As you probably know, both for-profit and non-profit organizations produce annual reports. An annual report is a formal financial statement sent to shareholders and other interested parties. It’s a comprehensive...

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Why Your Nonprofit Should Be Using Google Grants

Why Your Nonprofit Should Be Using Google Grants What it is and why you want it It’s hard to be visible online, especially in search results, without spending some serious money. How can your nonprofit get the attention it needs with little to no funds for paid search? Google Ad Grants!  What are Google Ad Grants? Ad Grants offer up to $10,000  per month to qualifying nonprofits to increase their...

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Will Microsoft Digital Marketing Center Be Your Next Marketing Hub?

Will Microsoft Digital Marketing Center Be Your Next Marketing Hub? There is no shortage of marketing software companies out there.   With every new platform you take on, there are new user flows, processes, strategies, and mindsets to master before you can take full advantage of the platform and grow your business.    But what if a company you’ve been familiar with since the birth of the internet offered...

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How to Leverage a Limited Marketing Budget Post COVID

How to Leverage a Limited Marketing Budget Post COVID The age-old expression – money makes the world go ‘round. This is as true in marketing as it is in any category. The more money you have to put into your strategy, the better a chance you will reach a larger audience. Here’s the thing: while that is true, it’s not the only way to go about it. Some very successful campaigns can be created with...

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How Owning Your Company Mission Statement Stimulates Brand Loyalty

This is for the people who spend 5 minutes deciding what eggs to buy based on the perceived nice-ness of the chicken pastures.  Are they free-range or just cage-free? Does the carton include information on the well-being of the chickens? Extra points in they mention they name the chickens. Ultimately, the product that wins is the one that includes a “chicken of the month”...

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Turn Competitors into Allies

The black hat SEO tactics, brand name targeting on Google ads, bad-mouthing to potential clients… Oh my! Nasty competitors can add a negative tinge to your entire workday.  Wouldn’t a life free of negative competition and full of mutual support be amazing? It almost sounds too good to be true.  We suppose that, in some situations, it is. If you have a truly toxic competitor,...

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5 Of The Most Common Questions On Pop-Up Strategy

Pop-up strategy: one of the most controversial marketing methods out there. One side will shout they are spammy, they are annoying, they are pointless to persuading website visitors to do something. The other side will shout equally loud that pop-ups are paramount in bringing in leads and purchases.  Both sides have a point. Website visitors historically hate the older style...

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3 Ways We Use Google Analytics to Improve Content Strategy

Google Analytics can be a rabbit hole of numbers – it is easy to get information overload and can be difficult to find actionable insights. However, this rabbit hole is also a treasure trove of custom data that has been building and growing throughout the lifetime of your company website. When done right, Google Analytics can inform a future content strategy that will get rid of the noise,...

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Time Saving Tips for Your Business

Every once in awhile I run across an article talking about the “50+ Best Time Saving Tips for Small Businesses” or “25 All-Time Best Ways to Save Time and Make More Money.” Now, I love lists but these long lists always seem, well, sooo long. I’m a busy marketer and I don’t have time to do all fifty things at once to maybe save two minutes here or there....

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The Essential Metrics of Content Marketing

Talented team of content marketers? ✔️ Well-documented content marketing strategy? ✔️ Executing the plan with style and flair? ✔️ It’s great if your content marketing team can confidently say all three of those items above have been accomplished! However, there is still one more item to check off your list to ensure the success of your content marketing and that’s to measure. You...

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What to Consider Before Switching Agencies

Relationships can be complicated, and the relationship with your agency is no different. Maybe things started off great. You were both excited, ready to excel together in whatever you approached. But the situation has changed. You’re not getting what you need, and it’s time to evaluate making a change. But where do you start, and how do you know if now is the right time? Here are a few questions...

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8 Great Typeface Resources

typography noun the style and appearance of printed matter. the art or procedure of arranging type or processing data and printing from it. That’s a bit dry. Typography is so much more than just arranging letters on a page. Whether for print or web, typography is an essential part of any design. It’s also a difficult element of design to master. I know, it’s...

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