Key Marketing Metrics to Measure in 2018

Marketers have a whole lot of data available to them and it can be overwhelming knowing what to look at when trying to determine the success of your marketing activities. You’ve got to learn which metrics to focus on, because they don’t all matter. If you can relate to spending days on end pulling reports from your analytics platforms, sifting through seemingly endless amounts of data,...

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SEO Trends to be Aware of in 2018

I feel like a broken record but I’ll repeat myself one more time: SEO is constantly changing and keeping up with evolving SEO trends can be challenging (but is a must if you want to rank). Despite more than 200 ranking factors and an ever-changing algorithm, one thing is constant — providing quality content and a great user experience. In 2018, this will certainly stay important but...

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Keywords Out, Architecture In: And Other Tips for Improving Your SEO Strategy

You thought you were finally understanding SEO, didn’t you? Joke’s on you – search has changed. Again. SEO can be very confusing! Search engine algorithms change at such a rapid rate that keeping up with the best practices for optimizing your blog so that it ranks on the first page of search engine results (SERPs) is near impossible. But inbound marketers like us are always interested...

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Marketing Terms Defined: SEO

Let’s just dive right into this one. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website – the volume or quality of traffic to a website – in organic (unpaid) search results.  Basically, the goal for businesses is to be one of the first websites that pop up when a potential customers is browsing online. A whopping 2.8 trillion search queries...

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Attract, Engage, Delight Customers Online with these Steps to Successful Inbound Marketing

It’s been four years since we last posted a blog on what successful inbound marketing looks like and, well, a lot has changed in the digital marketing landscape since then. The basic tenants of inbound are still there but inbound continues to evolve. Inbound marketing is widely considered the best strategy choice for B2B or B2C companies because it is consumer driven, content rich, timely,...

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Link Building Best Practices: Interlinking

You know by now that Google ranks pages higher in search results based on a page’s authority. For search engines, links are the paths connecting pages. Links show the relationships between pages and are a virtual vote for popularity. They build a page’s authority and improve its SEO value. Though links, engines analyze the importance of a website or page based on the number and popularity...

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Digital Marketing Terms and Definitions

Face it, the marketing industry is chock full of jargon and there are new buzzwords popping up every month. So what are the fundamental marketing terms and definitions? What are the words and topics marketers cannot live without? Looking for a quick guide to popular marketing terms? We have compiled a few of our favorites in the below infographic.     Hope this helps! If not, get in touch;...

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Expanded Text Ads: A/B Test Complete

Expanded text ads were first announced in May of this year, at the Google Performance Summit. Once again, Google had changed the game. The launch of the extra-long ads with double headlines was specifically intended to provide mobile users with more information. When ETAs were first launched, Google boasted of an average CTR increase of 20% in early tests. ETAs went live in Google Adwords starting...

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Illuminating Dark Social

I stumbled upon this statistic the other day and it completely stopped me in my tracks: 70% of social shares are considered dark. And that percentage is from last year; now it’s up to 80%. But what does that mean? What is a dark social share? “Dark Social” may sound like a Goth dance party or maybe a magic class for the overly outgoing witch or wizard but really it’s a term...

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What if Google Let You Publish Directly to Search?

It’s a presidential election year, and you know what that means! It means it’s time for the candidates to start sending you messages directly through Google search results. Uh, what? Well, it might sound a bit crazy at first, but Google is doing just that. They’re currently testing “an experimental new podium” that allows presidential candidates and other publishers...

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The Science of SEO Success

You know I love a good marketing infographic based on the periodic table. So when I was linked to Search Engine Land’s Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors, you know I had to share. The table is a collection of “elements” that inspire SEO success both on-the-page (that is, those which are directly in the control of the publisher) and off-the-page (those which are influenced by...

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The Power and Value of Online Reviews

I’ve certainly done it, and I bet you have, too. You’re looking to try a different restaurant, or you’re in the market for a specific product or some new gear. So you go online and start searching for the type of business you want. Before you know it you’re scanning the ratings of all the stores in your area and scrolling through reviews. Once you’ve found one you like...

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