Leveraging LinkedIn for Universities

Leveraging LinkedIn for Universities Did you know that LinkedIn has a page dedicated to resources for Higher Education? You do now! As a university, you should be utilizing LinkedIn to engage prospects, current students, staff, and alumni. From the LinkedIn for Higher Education page itself, here are the ways you can utilize LinkedIn for your community.   Gain a competitive advantage: leverage...

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New Year, New Social Media Presence!

New Year, New Social Media Presence! It’s officially too late to be greeting people with “Happy New Year!” (and yes, I think you’re a monster if you still have your Christmas tree up.) However, it is a new year and what better way to start it off than with an updated, fresh digital presence? Can you remember the last time you/your social media management team took a good hard look at all your business’s...

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How to use Reddit for Marketing

How to use Reddit for Marketing What is Reddit?   Reddit is one of the most underutilized social media marketing platforms. With over 52 million daily active users worldwide, you shouldn’t be missing out on a Reddit social media strategy.    Reddit is formed of thousands of individual communities organized by topic and interests. For example, r/suggestmeabook has over 1 million subscribers consisting...

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Utilizing Social Media for your Nonprofit Organization

Utilizing Social Media for your Nonprofit Organization This past year, nonprofit organizations have felt the hardships of COVID-19 as in-person fundraising events and donor meetings have been limited. Nonprofit organizations have pivoted their fundraising strategies to use social media to increase donations, improve visibility, and develop relationships with their constituents. Social media allows...

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How your brand can establish a presence on TikTok

How your brand can establish a presence on TikTok In 2018, TikTok launched and quickly attracted millions of creative, young individuals and has shown no signs of slowing down since then. TikTok makes it easy for anyone to go viral – whether it be a cute puppy or a mom showcasing her best dance moves, there’s content on the app for everyone. If you are interested in changing your social media strategy,...

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Why Brands Embrace the “Perfectly Imperfect”

Why Brands Embrace the “Perfectly Imperfect” Gone are the days where marketing is about depicting this “perfect life.”    What even is a perfect life? One where you use paper towels to wipe down an already spotless kitchen counter, or where foundation is applied to flawless skin?    Brands are stepping away from this tactic to show real, flawed, perfectly imperfect situations. And in the...

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Should You Invest in Twitter Blue?

Should You Invest in Twitter Blue? Let’s face it – nobody likes switching from a free subscription to a paid subscription. It feels like an annoying long-con bait-and-switch. But it can also feel a little exciting. What is so great about this social platform upgrade, that it needs to be gated with money before you can experience it?   Twitter hopes your curiosity gets the best of you.   It offers...

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How Instagram’s Pronouns Option Sets New Expectations

How Instagram’s Pronouns Option Sets New Expectations We love to see large companies reacting to the desires of their customers – especially in the name of respecting identities.     A pretty common practice for many people when writing their Instagram bio is to include your name, general location, career title, and more recently, pronouns. For folks who don’t conform to traditional gender norms,...

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Why Universities Need to Tap into User-Generated Content

Why Universities Need to Tap into User-Generated Content Choosing a university to attend is arguably the biggest decision many young adults will undertake in their life so far. That means hours of research, meetings with school counselors, campus visits, website visits, and of course, social media searches.    Yes, schools with certain programs and reputations will be the main impact on the decision....

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5 Types of Social Content Universities Can Leverage

Social media is a great way to show the different facets of value that your University offers. From informational content to entertainment to good ol’ fashioned school pride, you can curate social content that can engage and entice new prospective students with your school’s unique culture, history, benefits, events. Social media can paint a picture of what life is like at your university better...

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Plan an Earth Day Marketing Campaign

Happy Almost Earth Day!  If you are finding fun ways to tie Earth Day into your annual marketing campaign, you’re already doing something right. Earth Day is the perfect time to reflect on how your company impacts our communal home. If you already do a lot to keep your carbon footprint small, it’s a good time to promote your great habits. If you have room for improvement as a company, it’s a great...

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The Art of the Short-Form Video

The Art of the Short-Form Video Video in any form is a crucial part of any content strategy, and short-form content is becoming a bigger part of that strategy.    Let’s say a long-form video is the nutritious, full meal that we need to survive. A short-form video is the bag of potato chips we binge on when we’re bored. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t learning from the short-form videos we watch...

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