The best feel-good marketing campaigns of 2019

The best feel-good marketing campaigns of 2019 How can you gain new traction, audience, or support? Do good.  Creating inspirational campaigns that appeal to the good of humanity will never go out of style. Sometimes people will question the sincerity of these campaigns but if they are done right, real change can occur. That can come in the form of political change, environmental change, or even...

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Guide to creating giveaway and contest campaigns

Guide to creating giveaway and contest campaigns Whether your company is established or brand-new, it can be difficult to get your brand in front of new faces. When you don’t yet have brand credibility, it can feel like you are throwing money and campaigns into a black hole.  So, how to we grab the attention of new potential customers, or re-engage current customers? A contest or giveaway can be...

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The Rise of Phony Ads and How They Ruin Reputations

The Rise of Phony Ads and How They Ruin Reputations Today, my Monday morning started with a bad Facebook review for a client who claimed we spammed them with ‘crass and inappropriate’ ads. My heart skipping a beat, I reviewed our ads for anything that could be considered crass, and (of course) came up empty. Reaching out to Facebook support for more insight, they filled me in on the growing epidemic...

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How to Market Boring Products on Social Media

How to Market Boring Products on Social Media We can’t all sell shiny diamond necklaces and skateboards. But what about homeowner’s insurance? Tampons? Allergy Meds? And everything else that has always been considered a boring product? Comparing your product to necklaces and skateboards may make you feel a bit of FOMO. Keep in mind – most companies are selling boring products that are not considered...

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Life After December: Turn Holiday Leads Into Lifetime Customers

One-purchase wonders are great. Lifetime supporters are better.   If you do holiday promoting right, brand awareness and activity boosts during the holiday season. On average, holiday content  ad impressions typically increase by 50% during the holiday season, click-through rates rise 100% and direct traffic increases by 150%. That means we are getting a boatload...

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Revisit your Audience Personas this Holiday

Oh, the holidays… Love them or hate them, they are a great time to boost engagement from a larger audience. When you use the right strategy and targeting, you can grow your audience in a way that benefits you for the New Year and beyond by looking at your audience personas. But is your company’s targeting strategy in November and December the same as your strategy in...

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Management Tips: Guide Your Marketing Team to Growth

Regardless of whether you choose to have a marketing agency assist, a strong and empowered in-house marketing team can move mountains for your company. They are the mastermind of your brand, the communications liaison for outsourced jobs, and the main point of communication to your customer. Your marketing teams have hands in all of your communication buckets. Whether they are teams of...

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Compelling storytelling for nonprofit giving

A powerful nonprofit story can change minds, influence change, and impact entire communities.   Storytelling is how we learn about someone’s struggles and how we can emotionally connect with individuals whether they are 5 feet away or thousands of miles away.  You don’t need to already be a prominent figure to spread your story to millions of people. Some of the...

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Fear-Based Marketing: Send The Right Message

Fear-Based Marketing: Send The Right Message Marketing appeals to two basic human instincts: the production of pleasure and the avoidance of pain.  How do we use emotions to appeal to our audiences? These desires are what drive us to take most of our actions in our daily life. From an instinctual level, we eat food to avoid the discomfort of hunger. We talk to our friends to chase the good feeling...

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What Would Your Audience Tell You If You Asked?

Here’s a hint: they are probably already telling you. Customers value a two-way street for audience communication. This practice opens a conversation and people like to know they are heard. Besides the main point of understanding and relating to your customers, effective digital communication can: Increase the awareness of your brand, because it requires you to be active and available on...

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3 Ways We Use Google Analytics to Improve Content Strategy

Google Analytics can be a rabbit hole of numbers – it is easy to get information overload and can be difficult to find actionable insights. However, this rabbit hole is also a treasure trove of custom data that has been building and growing throughout the lifetime of your company website. When done right, Google Analytics can inform a future content strategy that will get rid of the noise,...

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Engaging Customers On Social Through Storytelling

What if you could change the way your audience thinks, influence the way they act, and ultimately change the way they buy? Brands often have trouble marketing themselves not because their product or service isn’t strong (although that of course can be the case) or they don’t have a well-thought-out plan, but rather because they’re struggling with telling a story on...

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