Last minute tips for #GivingTuesday

We’ve written about the origins of #GivingTuesday, how to plan for #GivingTuesday, and other incredible #GivingTuesday fundraising opportunities. Now, let’s tackle what to do if you’ve waited until three weeks before the big day. If you’re a nonprofit marketer you may have carried out a #GivingTuesday campaign before. If you don’t know what it’s all about or...

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What to Consider Before Switching Agencies

Relationships can be complicated, and the relationship with your agency is no different. Maybe things started off great. You were both excited, ready to excel together in whatever you approached. But the situation has changed. You’re not getting what you need, and it’s time to evaluate making a change. But where do you start, and how do you know if now is the right time? Here are a few questions...

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Leveraging Social Proof for your Non-Profit Website

Social proof is the idea that people will follow a course of actions and thoughts validated by others. If others start to cross a street before the light has changed, it’s very likely you too will start crossing – not because you’ve determined it’s safe but because everyone around you is doing it. Humans are suggestible beings. Marketers look to social proof as a measurement...

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Building a Brand Personality

Marketers often talk about developing a “voice.” Cultivating a brand personality is one of the best things a company can do to attract – and keep – their ideal customer. One of the best ways to grow that brand personality is through social media. However, growing a true and loyal following – building a strong brand voice – is more than just getting fans or followers...

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Video marketing in 2018 {Infographic}

Maybe you’re a digital marketer in the throes of all things video already, or maybe you just have a social media profile that you check once a month (unlikely, we’re all addicted). Either way you’re bound to know that video is a force to be reckoned with. Videos are a great way for organizations to tell their story and connect with their target audience. Statistics show that video...

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Craft a Winning B2B Social Strategy

Typically when you think of companies who have found success on social, the ones that first come to mind are business to consumer brands (B2C). But business to business (B2B) companies can find just as much success on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, if they’re willing to seize the opportunity. Many B2B companies are still relying on traditional marketing tactics like cold calling and hosting...

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Boost Your B2B Social Marketing

Social media continues to remain one of the most profitable and popular traffic sources for companies, including business to business (B2B) organizations. According to recent research from Content Marketing Institute 83% of B2B marketers use social media networks for traffic/client generation. The same research shows that the average B2B organization is present on six social media channels. Clearly,...

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Planning for #GivingTuesday

Summer is in full swing around here with temperatures about to hit triple digits, but our non-profit friends are thinking about a different season – the holiday season! More charitable donations are made at the end of the year than any other time of the year. Kickstart the holiday giving season by participating in #GivingTuesday, the annual global day of giving that takes place on the first...

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Apologizing Campaigns: Lessons Learned from Facebook, Uber, and Wells Fargo

What do you do when your company is in all the headlines for all the wrong reasons? For many large corporations, launching apology campaigns is the way to go. But regaining trust after a crisis can be costly. Brands like Facebook, Uber, and Wells Fargo are spending millions on advertising aimed to win back consumers’ trust. Facebook: There’s a lot of reason for people to be less fond...

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What’s new in the world of social media?

The social landscape moves at an alarming pace. Let me get you up to speed with what’s happening in the world of social media. This is by no means an all-encompassing account of app updates and new features, but rather a highlight of a few things that you might want to take note of and incorporate into your social strategy. Snapchat Back in February of 2018, Snapchat launched a new, redesigned...

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Tips for Making Your Site More Social

Optimizing your website for social is not simply a matter of adding social sharing buttons to pages. There’s more to a social media friendly site than installing a few plug-ins for Facebook sharing or Twitter following. Social integration is a must when it comes to your business’s website; it boosts audience engagement and can improve search rank. You want to make it easy for users...

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Key Marketing Metrics to Measure in 2018

Marketers have a whole lot of data available to them and it can be overwhelming knowing what to look at when trying to determine the success of your marketing activities. You’ve got to learn which metrics to focus on, because they don’t all matter. If you can relate to spending days on end pulling reports from your analytics platforms, sifting through seemingly endless amounts of data,...

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