Debunking Misconceptions and Unlocking Success with a Marketing Agency 

Debunking Misconceptions and Unlocking Success with a Marketing Agency Marketing empowers organizations and nonprofits to stand out in a highly competitive and crowded landscape. However, common misconceptions surrounding nonprofit marketing can hinder an organization’s ability to accomplish their goals. This blog post aims to debunk these myths and shed light on the significant value marketing...

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How to Develop a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy for Your Nonprofit

How to Develop a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy for Your Nonprofit What is data-driven marketing?    Data-driven marketing uses audience and third-party data to gain insight into donor motivations, preferences and behaviors. These insights allow organizations to develop customized marketing strategies that drive the greatest return on investment (ROI).  How is data-driven marketing different...

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How to use Reddit for Marketing

How to use Reddit for Marketing What is Reddit?   Reddit is a popular online platform that functions as a social news aggregation, discussion, and community forum. Users, also known as “Redditors,” can submit links, images, and text posts to themed communities called “subreddits.” These subreddits cover various topics, including news, entertainment, technology, sports, and...

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Utilizing Social Media for your Nonprofit Organization

Utilizing Social Media for your Nonprofit Organization This past year, nonprofit organizations have felt the hardships of COVID-19 as in-person fundraising events and donor meetings have been limited. Nonprofit organizations have pivoted their fundraising strategies to use social media to increase donations, improve visibility, and develop relationships with their constituents. Social media allows...

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Google’s MUM Capabilities & the Future of Search

Google’s MUM Capabilities & the Future of Search Google has recently announced a redesign of its search engine with the introduction of an artificial intelligence feature called MUM. 1,000 more powerful than its predecessor BERT, Google MUM allows the search engine to better understand the content and search intent. Not only is MUM trained in 75 different languages, but it also understands...

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Storytelling Chapter 2: Profiling Employees

One of the many storytelling techniques I mentioned in Chapter One of this series surrounded profiling employees. In part to increase your brand’s authenticity and in part to add a sense of personality, introducing your team can be a great way for interested parties to get to know you and to understand who you are and what you stand for. Using Dowitcher as an example (yes, I’m biased),...

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Storytelling Techniques

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, there lived a princess in need of a stellar marketing team to reimagine her brand. A team who knew how important storytelling is and could rewrite hers, for the princess was tired of being a princess and dreamt of slaying dragons and running her own company. Clearly I need to take a fiction-writing class! Still, I’d like to talk today about how...

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iPhone Screen UX

It’s a familiar story: you step out of the car and your cellphone immediately falls out of your pocket. Time freezes and you swear your heart stops in that instant. You’re instantly running through options in your head – how quickly can you get to a store to fix the phone? Worst case scenario, how long might you have to survive sans phone? Because you know, even before the phone...

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