What is Intent Data and How It Identifies New Customers

What is Intent Data and How It Identifies New Customers When someone asks you what you hope people do when they visit your website, you probably say purchase your goods or services.    But, what about the steps leading up to purchase?   The common steps potential customers take before they commit to a purpose are valuable to track, analyze, and improve your strategy. This information you can leverage...

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Common Website Mistakes that May Be Hurting Your Google Presence

Common Website Mistakes that May Be Hurting Your Google Presence Everyone makes mistakes. But the good thing is with a website, you can usually fix it. By keeping an eye on signs of bad website practices, you can nip mistakes in the bud so your website presence can flourish.  How do you know your website may have a mistake hurting your Google presence?  You may see:  Significant and sudden changes...

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5 Link-Building Outreach Strategies To Try

5 Link-Building Outreach Strategies To Try Finding a good link is a lot like trying to break into show business. It can feel like the marketing equivalent of hitting several auditions, trying your best, and then waiting for the result. You have to deal with so much rejection – but once you land your dream role (backlink), it can propel you into stardom (page 1 of Google).   Link building is widely-viewed...

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Tips for Increasing your Website Conversion Rates

Tips for Increasing your Website Conversion Rates Your website is your digital storefront. Your website visitors are the patrons that walk in, peruse your products, and chat with the store manager on recommendations. But what about the people that leave without touching anything? Or peek through the door, say ‘nope’ and immediately turn around and walk away? If you’re seeing a large number of website...

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Should Your Small Business Have Live Chat?

Should Your Small Business Have Live Chat? We live in a world of instant gratification. We can order items online that arrive the next day. This is why our customers have come to not only appreciate but expect to be able to converse with a company and have an immediate response. Because companies from all industries are jumping on the ‘instant communication’ bandwagon, the threshold for appropriate...

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How To Create a Keyword Strategy For Your Content Calendar

How To Create a Keyword Strategy For Your Content Calendar Good content ages like a fine wine. So – you’ve created the content that will engage your audience. You’ve shared it on your social media and tagged any relevant companies. And after two days… it fell off the face of the world. How do you keep that piece of content alive for longer than a few hours on social media?  Through stimulating...

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5 Of The Most Common Questions On Pop-Up Strategy

Pop-up strategy: one of the most controversial marketing methods out there. One side will shout they are spammy, they are annoying, they are pointless to persuading website visitors to do something. The other side will shout equally loud that pop-ups are paramount in bringing in leads and purchases.  Both sides have a point. Website visitors historically hate the older style...

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5 Websites That Own User Flow

5 Websites That Own User Flow User Flow: how we get our customers from the home page to the confirmation page. In short, user flow is a series of steps a user takes to achieve a meaningful goal. When user flow falls flat, websites have high bounce rates, low conversions and lost leads. When a company puts time and conscious planning into user flow, the results speak for themselves. Here are 5 companies...

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3 Ways We Use Google Analytics to Improve Content Strategy

Google Analytics can be a rabbit hole of numbers – it is easy to get information overload and can be difficult to find actionable insights. However, this rabbit hole is also a treasure trove of custom data that has been building and growing throughout the lifetime of your company website. When done right, Google Analytics can inform a future content strategy that will get rid of the noise,...

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Site Maps are Critical, Here’s Why

Information Architecture, Site Maps, and Your Website To some, making a site map might seem like a needless chore. Designing a new website is a daunting process as it is; why further complicate the matter by adding extra steps, you might ask. Because there is often a great volume of information that needs to be worked through and organized. Information Architecture Designers often...

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UX Design Principles + Trends

Did you know almost 90% of consumers say they are less likely to visit a brand’s website after a bad experience? It’s true, a negative experience online mars our opinions and often leads to you losing out on a sale. People base a large portion of a brand’s credibility on how their website looks, feels, and complements the user journey. Simply having a website isn’t...

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Accessibility of Typography

Designers need to know how to measure typographic accessibility, or how accessible a font is. This is a pretty fascinating idea to me as it’s not something I’ve thought much about (not a designer!). Choosing an accessible font for your website and collateral is important for all brands. We often consider inclusive design and accessibility enhancements that can be made to our clients’...

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