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4 Characteristics of a Successful Logo


We live in an age where visual communication and branding surrounds us. Fast brand recognition is frequently the key to success. A logo serves as a an instant reminder that you, your company or your product is “out there.” A logo rarely sells or describes your company, but instead works as a symbol for your company. A logo should reflect the personality of your company (your branding) and at the same time be unique and memorable — all incorporated into one single little graphic.

Sound challenging? Well, it can be! I will do my best to break it down for you with four key characteristics of a successful logo.

Logo Tips and Hints:

Simple and Memorable

A logo needs to be simple and easy to “read”; it should communicate a message with one glance of an eye[fix this bit]. There isn’t time to explain your entire business plan in a logo so, the simpler the better. A successful logo is easy to recognize, to describe and to remember later. Leave an impression with something unexpected and unique (like the bite in Apple’s logo).


It is important that your logo is able to be presented in different types of media such as printed material (business cards, letterhead, newspaper ads, etc.) as well as on the web (social media, email, websites, etc. ) without losing its power. Your logo should work as a tiny image as well as a large one.


Trends are fun, but hopefully your logo will outlive the trend so think timely, not trendy. One example is in the history of the Microsoft logo. Basically Microsoft has had to redesign their logo every decennium as they adapt to one super trend after the other. We can clearly see the 70’s disco trends being reflected in the original logo and the space 80’s tech-style in the second version in their logo. Even the 90’s version just feels, well, 90’s. So there is no surprise that the newest version is a minimalistic flat design. ( I wonder what one in 2020 will look like!) Apple’s logo, on the other hand, has remained the same throughout the years. Early on, they chose their apple leaving only small adjustments of color and texture necessary.

Brilliant logo design in my and many, many others opinion!
Brilliant logo design in my and many, many others opinion!


Your logo does not have to be obvious or literal but it should be appropriate in a sense that the graphic reflects the tone and personality of your product. Know your target audience, as the logo needs to be attractive to them in the long run.

Is your logo simple and memorable, versatile, timeless, and appropriate? If not, it might be time for a re-design!


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