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Click to Buy: How Colors Affect Conversions

Have you ever clicked into a web page and immediately knew you didn’t like it?

Elements like layout, design, and typeface play a part in making snap judgments about a website, but usually our biggest response come from color. Color is incredibly powerful. In a few moments, color can tell us about who a website is targeting — gender, age, interests — and whether or not we want to stick around.

If your business is online, not only do you want visitors to stay, you want them to buy. That’s why this infographic from KISSmetrics on how color affects conversions is interesting. Some highlights:

  • Up to 90% of what a person thinks about a product is based on color alone.
  • Two thirds of consumers won’t buy a large appliance unless it comes in their preferred color (appliances are a huge investment and I don’t blame them!)
  • Women and men aren’t so different, at least when it comes to color preferences: both love green and blue, but tend to disagree about purple and black.

The infographic includes some case studies where a simple action like changing the color of a call-to-action button increased their conversion rates, but don’t take it to mean you should copy them exactly. Customers vary from business to business, so test colors to see what your target market prefers.

Read on to see the full infographic, and if you’re having trouble reading the text, click to see it bigger on the KISSmetrics blog.


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