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Cool Tool: The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

I was never very good at chemistry. Protons, neutrons, electrons, isotopes — the very properties of chemical elements seemed to me like words from a foreign language. But when the teacher introduced the periodic table of elements, it was like a little lightbulb went on.

Here was everything I needed to know about chemical elements, arranged neatly into groups, periods, and blocks according to their atomic numbers. It was a highly visual way of learning how certain properties related to one another. With the table, I was able to see a broader view of elemental interconnectivity than I could see on an individual basis.

And so it is with the Periodic Table of Content Marketing. Created by Chris Lake of Ecosultancy, it breaks down the types of content marketing according to distinct steps in the marketing process:

  1. Take some time to define a strategy.
  2. Figure out the formats you plan on using.
  3. Think about the content types that will appeal to your audience. Do your research. Brainstorm ideas. Create.
  4. Share your content across the key content distribution / social platforms.
  5. Track the key metrics, and map these to your goals.
  6. Be aware of the main sharing triggers. Be sure to work the emotions.
  7. Always double check your work.

Now, I am much more comfortable and familiar with marketing than I ever was with chemistry. Even still, when I found it my first thought was: Why didn’t anyone make this sooner?

Check it out for yourself:

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing, by Chris Lake.

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

[Click the image to see it bigger]

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing isn’t exhaustive — there are more content types and formats than what’s shown here. But it functions as an excellent tool for familiarizing yourself with the essential building blocks of content marketing and recognizing how they link together.


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