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Create Content Experiences to WOW Your Customers

From TVs to Phones to headphones, what was perfectly acceptable 10 years ago can look a bit ancient now. So, why would you put out the same type of content you did a decade ago? Progress is beautiful, and it offers amazing opportunities to set yourself apart from those who stick to what has always been done. A great content experience is consistently adapting, and so should you! 

Digital marketing is a great place to flex your creative muscles and take advantage of the content resources at hand. With each year comes exciting new opportunities to develop new trends in your industry, and be one of the first to take new content styles to the test. And these tests can lead to marketing wins that you can benefit from and grow with for years to come.  

And believe me, the long-term benefits are well-worth the initial input: one fantastic piece of content can outperform dozens of mediocre blog posts.  

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  • A great content experience will create consistent traffic to your website and can compound over time with link building. 
  • You can build a lot of domain authority when your content experience becomes the industry go-to. 
  • You can solidify, enhance, and build on the strengths of your branding through a well-designed content experience. 

So, how do you create amazing content experiences your customers want to see and use? 

Answer a question, or provide a solution to a common problem. 

If you can create a solution for an issue that your consumers, it doesn’t matter how simple the content is – it can gain major traction.  

For example, a question as simple as “how much water should I be drinking” is a great content experience opportunity for any company in the health, beauty, wellness, or medical industry.  

This is a water intake calculator by Trifecta Nutrition that is simple and useful.

A simple water intake calculator creates a quick, custom, data-backed answer that is a much better content experience than reading an article about water intake. But, if you want to read more, there is pertinent information listed under the calculator 

This content prioritization creates a much more positive user experience that caters to people who want a quick answer as well as those who want to read up.  

Make it fun (create interactive content) 

The best way to catch your customer’s attention? Make something that’s fun to use. If your content experience provides not only value, but entertainment for your customers, they will be only too happy to follow the purchase pathway you’ve so thoughtfully created. 

Quiz by Third Love

Take a look at Third Love’s “Find My Fit” quiz. This content benefits the company in several ways. It: 

  • Gives potential a clear path to reach the “buy now” button 
  • Asks for an email to send the quiz results, building the companies email database 
  • Weaves in value propositions throughout the quiz, so potential customers learn about the products as they answer questions 
  • Is plain fun to fill out, so customers are left feeling great about their Third Love experience.

Read the Room (Understand searcher intent) 

Intent is everything, and reacting to it accurately can be the difference between a non-ranking, low traffic page and the shining star of your content strategy. Reading the room is based around understanding what your customers and potential customers what to see when they’re searching for your content.  

Some searches, like “The life of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior” warrant a lot of copy, research, and information. Other searches like “online stopwatch” warrant almost no copy or information at all.  

Peep that “skip to recipe” button by Half Baked Harvest!

For example, think about the last time you looked up a recipe, and clicked on a random blog site. There’s a pretty good chance that you had to scroll through the background of the recipe, who in their family loves the food, the blogger’s life story, aspirations, and family tree before you see anything about how many tablespoons of flour.  

This isn’t an ideal content experience for most users. But with one little switch (a ‘skip to recipe’ button), recipe bloggers can cater to the in-depth readers and the people that just want the recipe. 

Create a content experience that is creative and easy on the eyes 

The best way to grab the attention of your viewers? Demand it with your design. Thoughtful colors, creative dynamic graphics, and eye-catching headlines, and the special x-factor only a design eye can add all make up the stellar user experience you want to offer. 

Quiz by ThredUp!

For example, this “How Dirty Is Your Closet” quiz by ThredUpEach page is dynamic, colorful, creative, and visually communicates and enhances the message of minimizing your carbon footprint. This kind of design will make a user wonder what the next page looks like, and will convince them to stick around and find out. 

The time and energy that goes into creating a truly unique and fantastic content experience will often come back to benefit you ten-fold. Ready to amp up your interactive content strategy? Reach out to our team! 

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