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Demystifying Google+ Page Photo Dimensions

It’s been several months now since Google first debuted Google+, its answer to a social network, and new users are still joining the fray. We’ve had a lot of clients ask us for the proper photo dimensions when building out their Google+ pages. Strangely, Google doesn’t yet have that information listed in an easy-to-find spot, so we thought we’d put together this guide to make the required photo dimensions crystal-clear.

Our tip for making your Google+ Page look its most professional? Make sure you upload images that at least meet the minimum dimension requirements. If you upload an image that is only 500 pixels wide for the Cover, for instance, it will be stretched out to 940 pixels — and fuzzy, blurry profile photos never make a good impression.

One last recommendation: if you want to upload a logo as your Profile photo, make sure it will look good in a square format. If your logo is short and wide, consider making a modified version to better fit a square.

Hope this helps!


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