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Email’s Going Mobile: Can Your Marketing Keep Up?

We take a lot of pride in doing things the right way. Yet unfortunately, with marketing emails, there are many ways things can go so very, very wrong. From myriad differences between browsers, to differences between mail clients, to differences between computer operating systems, building a proper email template sometimes seems akin to working on a bomb — you get the sense it could blow up at any moment, and at the slightest provocation.

This recent infographic from Litmus illustrates yet another angle from which to examine your marketing emails: devices. Where are your subscribers viewing your email at? Chances are increasingly good that it’s on a phone or other mobile device.

Some interesting points from the infographic:

  • Desktop opens have been on a quick decline over the past year — from 53% of opens to just 33%.
  • At the same time, email’s been on the rise, growing 80% in a span of just six months. In April of this year, mobile opens surpassed desktop opens for the first time.
  • Currently, the biggest email client market share belongs to the iPhone — not Outlook.
  • Yahoo! accounts for almost half of all web email opens.

Bottom line: the world’s slowly but surely going mobile. Exhaustive testing must be done to ensure that your email looks good and functions properly no matter where it’s opened, and now even more is at stake. Make sure your marketing — and your templates — can keep the pace!

Scroll down to check it out yourself.

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