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Engaging Customers On Social Through Storytelling

What if you could change the way your audience thinks, influence the way they act, and ultimately change the way they buy?

Brands often have trouble marketing themselves not because their product or service isn’t strong (although that of course can be the case) or they don’t have a well-thought-out plan, but rather because they’re struggling with telling a story on social.

What’s your story?

Your brand’s story is how you’ll be remembered by customers and potential leads. Storytelling has always had an important role in successful marketing. It lets brands show their personality and create a connection with consumers. There are many ways to use social media for telling your story – first, just define that story! Then you can focus on spreading your message.

Know your audience

During your next campaign planning meeting, I challenge you to answer these questions:

  • Who is my audience?
  • How do I best reach them?
  • How can I prompt a change in their way of thinking?
  • And how can I affect a behavior? How can we get them to buy (or donate)?

Storytelling on social

Sure, people will sit through a two hour film (or an inordinately long four hour Lord of the Rings epic) no problem. Those same people will scroll right by your 30-second Instagram video if they don’t find it intriguing. It’s all about whether people find your story interesting.

Storytelling can look like a number of things, from pictures to video to speech. Whether you’re posting a photo album on Facebook, creating a board on Pinterest, or going Live on Instagram, your content should be personal, emotive, and take the audience on a narrative journey. Here are a few ideas for storytelling:

  • Tell your audience about your origins.
  • Show real people and tell stories from the point of view of your employees.
  • Include how/if you give back. The issues you care about help convey what your company stands for and what values it holds dear.
  • Integrate user-generated content. Let the audience share their story and see how they feel about the brand!

Tell your story in a way that involves your community. People want to feel connected to your brand and like they’re a part of its story.

~ ~ ~

It can be challenging to translate your brand’s story to social media. Marketers know that social media is a complicated yet essential business strategy. But luckily, engagement is achievable! By creating a narrative on social that resonates, you’ll start seeing those numbers engagement metrics increase. It all starts with knowing your audience, and actively involving them.

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