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Facebook Unveils New “Donate Now” Button for Non-Profit Pages

Facebook recently introduced a new “Donate Now” button for non-profit pages.

Essentially, this button provides a visible call-to-action option on pages of nonprofit organizations as well as in certain sponsored updates or ads the organization employs on Facebook. This new feature has made it easier than ever for nonprofit organizations to connect with people who care about their causes. It motivates supporters to go beyond merely “liking” a page or engaging with content on the page. It helps to translate their concern into quantifiable action via making a meaningful monetary contribution.


As of the second quarter of 2015, according to Statista, there are 1.49 billion active Facebook users from around the world. It is currently the most popular social network, surpassing its contemporaries Twitter and Instagram by leaps and bounds. But as all of these social media channels continue to grow in popularity, the developers behind them continue to make innovations that will result in ROI for businesses, organizations, and advertisers utilizing these free networks. Facebook’s “Donate Now” button is an example of one of these innovations.

Where can I find the “Donate Now” button within Facebook?

If your nonprofit organization has a Facebook page, the button can be activated and situated beside the “Like” button. It can also be integrated within sponsored ads, encouraging people to take action immediately. When a person clicks or taps the “Donate Now” button they are redirected to the website of the nonprofit organization for the processing of their donation. You may already have a “call to action” button activated, such as “Contact Us”, “Call Now”, or “Sign Up.” When logged into your page, click this button to open up a drop down of options. One of these is “edit call to action.” Select this option to change your call to action to “Donate Now” and enter in your desired URL which will be the landing page users are sent to when the button is clicked.

What’s the best way to utilize this new feature?

Well, the main thing that you need to bear in mind is that you should not be viewing the “Donate Now” button as a mere means to an end. The entire premise of having a social media presence is to provide an avenue in which you can connect with your supporters. That being said, their monetary support should be secondary to establishing a connection with your audience. With this in mind, make highlighting clear and detailed news updates, announcements, and supporter interaction your priority.

Improvements coming soon…

Facebook is currently testing even more special features for non-profit pages. One of the features they’ve announced is a fundraiser tool that will allow organizations to raise and collect funds directly on Facebook, allowing people to donate without having to leave Facebook. From the looks of it, the fundraiser tool will live in a space that is similar to Facebook events. Users will be able to see and track the status of the campaign as well as invite friends to join the fundraiser. You can learn more and sign up for all the latest updates here. In the meantime, give the donate now call to action button a try and give us your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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