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Getting Started: What Should You Blog About?

So, you’ve started a blog. Congratulations! You’re well on your way to extending your brand, showcasing your knowledge, and driving traffic to your site.

But where do you start? How do you figure out what to write about?

It goes without saying, of course, that your blog should be about your business or field. But that doesn’t mean your content needs to stay inside a narrow focus.

Let’s say your company makes widgets. Think of your blog like the widget factory. Sure, there’s the widget assembly line, where you produce your gorgeous widgets. But there’s also the the executive offices, the loading and shipping docks, the accounting team, the design and marketing department, the cafeteria and employee gym, and so on. There are a lot of different factors at play inside those factory walls – mechanic, financial, logistic, managerial, creative, and service factors, for starters. That’s a lot of potential material to draw from! And the beauty of it is that they all fall under the umbrella of your main topic: widgets.

Now obviously, you don’t have to be in the widget business to have a blog. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a personal trainer, a bookstore owner, or a technology consultant — every blogger has his or her own version of the widget factory. The key is to write what you know and make sure you’re examining it from every angle.

Here are some different types of content you can incorporate into your blog post:

  • Industry news
  • Best practices
  • Tips and tutorials for your products
  • How-to guides
  • Case studies
  • Featured customers
  • Your methods and process
  • Your strategies
  • Future goals
  • Employee spotlight
  • Conflict resolution
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Company history and outlook
  • Announcements
  • Partnerships
  • Sponsorships and volunteerism
  • Community outreach programs

Once you get started, you’ll see there’s a lot you could write about. Good luck, and happy blogging!

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