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Going Viral: How to Create Content That Gets Shared

Virality: it’s not just for the common cold anymore.

And you can’t escape, either. From the Chuck Norris memes of the mid-2000s to the “Harlem Shake” videos of last year to the Ice Bucket Challenges of this past summer, everyone has seen viral content in their feeds.

But what most folks don’t understand is how viral content gets to be viral in the first place. That’s where this handy infographic from Voltier Digital comes in. The infographic walks you through understanding virality, the anatomy and types of viral content, reasons people share, viral marketing design, integrated viral marketing campaigns, and ways to enable and encourage sharing.

It’s worth a read for nuggets of marketing information such as this:

“Viral marketing is an attempt to get value that goes above and beyond cost. By tapping into the network effect, a marketer can gain far more value than cost. That’s because while cost is still a constant, value grows exponentially based of the number of people whom the “viral” touches.”

Have you created viral content before? Are you looking to do so? Let me know in the comments below.


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