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Good Users Go To Hashtag Heaven

Hashtags are everywhere. And with good reason — when used correctly, the right hashtags can increase engagement, reach new audiences, and help marketers track campaign performance.

But as we all know, what flies on one social platform doesn’t always translate on another. And what worked aces yesterday doesn’t always hold up tomorrow.

What’s a social marketer to do? Ask for help every once in a while, I suppose. And this infographic by Ghergich & Co. for Sure Payroll helps out nicely. With hot tips and usage tricks for the Top 3 social networks, it’s a good at-a-glance resource for what’s trending with hashtags today.

Some highlights:

  • Brands who use hashtags can see a 50% increase in engagement, while individuals who use hashtags can see 100% increase.
  • When it comes to hashtags on Instagram, generally more is better — we’re talking 11+ more! The opposite holds true for Facebook and Twitter, where you’re better off sticking to a demure 1-2.
  • On Twitter, tweets with hashtags get 2x more engagement than tweets without.
  • Hashtags should be simple, distinctive, and easy to remember!
  • Triple check that your hashtag can’t be misread. When Margaret Thatcher died, a website created #nowthatchersdead for users — much to the chagrin of Cher fans, who took it to mean their beloved singer had met an untimely demise.

A word of caution: the gospel truth for one audience might fall on deaf ears for your audience. Keep this information in mind as a general touchstone but test, test, test — then test again! — to see what performs best for your unique followers.

Do you have any tips to add to what’s presented here?


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