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Holiday Marketing Tasks That Should Be Done in the Summer

A common saying applies to holiday marketing: the early bird catches the worm. You’re already behind the competition if you wait until the fall to kickstart your holiday marketing strategy. We’ve all experienced the pre-holiday rush that quickly becomes a frantic blur, and January is upon us before we know it. Don’t let that happen this year! The end of the year is prime time for sales and growth opportunities, and you must prepare in advance to maximize your success.

Why start early, you may wonder? Consider the abundance of major end-of-year events that demand your attention:

  • Halloween  
  • Veteran’s Day  
  • Thanksgiving  
  • Black Friday  
  • Cyber Monday  
  • Giving Tuesday  
  • Hanukkah
  • Christmas  
  • New Year’s Eve  

These events happen in a three-month period, and each presents a unique opportunity to engage with your audience and boost sales. It would be helpful if you started planning to make the most of these occasions during the summer. It may seem early, but the benefits will be worth it. So, let’s dive into some crucial tasks on your summer to-do list, making your holiday rush a breeze.

Evaluate the year so far to establish end-of-year goals  

By June or July, you’ll have enough data to understand your business’s performance comprehensively. Take a close look at your numbers and analyze the trends. Have you been experiencing consistent slowness, or have you been operating at maximum capacity? Identify which offerings are flying off the shelves and which need a boost. This evaluation will help you set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals for the end of the year and provide you with ample time to devise a plan to achieve them.

Determine your most enticing holiday offerings

Whether you sell products or services, identifying your holiday hitters is essential. Is there a particular item or service you want to promote as “the gift of the year”? Alternatively, do you have a new offering this year that your customers need to be aware of but would love to have on their wish lists? By prioritizing what you want to focus on, you can tailor your campaign messaging, create enticing offers, and develop a comprehensive holiday marketing strategy that resonates with your target audience.

Prioritize the events you want to recognize now  

While it may not be practical to dedicate a significant portion of your marketing efforts to every holiday on the calendar, ignoring them altogether would be a missed opportunity. To avoid scrambling at the last minute, list all potential holiday opportunities. Consider the ones that hold the most meaning or relevance for your company. Once you’ve narrowed your choices, devise a strategy incorporating these events. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you only skip the opportunities you decided not to pursue in the first place.

Hire, establish, or reserve your outside help early  

If you anticipate needing help from vendors, contractors, or freelancers, it’s crucial to reserve their support as early as possible. By doing so, you’ll have a broader range of options, ample time to discuss contract details, and the opportunity to communicate the intricacies of your campaign. Waiting until the last minute may limit your choices, hamper strategic discussions, and potentially lead to additional rush order fees.

Map out your incentives to buy

Customers are attracted to perks and incentives during the holiday season. They often choose one gift option over another based on its seamless experience. Take the time to identify, map out, and execute these extra incentives early on. From risk-free purchasing to free shipping and gift wrapping, these value adds can significantly impact your customers’ decision-making process. Planning gives you sufficient time to implement these incentives and ensure a smooth customer experience.

Make sure your website is in tip-top shape

As more people shop online for gifts and make holiday plans, your website serves as a vital connection to your customers. It’s crucial to offer an outstanding online experience to avoid abandoned carts, overflowing inboxes, and disappointing changes to your predicted bottom line. Before the holiday rush hits, ensure your website is in top form. Check for fast page load time, seamless purchasing, and no broken links. If any issues arise, address them promptly to create a pleasant shopping experience for your customers.

Black Friday sales in 2022 reached $9.12 billion, while Cyber Monday sales hit $11.3 billion.

The holidays are a joyous and lucrative time of year, but only if you’re prepared. By starting your holiday marketing strategy during the summer, you can stay ahead of the game and maximize your success. If you need assistance checking off tasks on your holiday marketing list, our team is here to provide early-bird support. Don’t delay—contact us today and ensure your holiday marketing campaign delivers results.

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