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How to Prep Your Business for a Digital Mother’s Day

Every year without fail, my family gifts our mom a local plant-of-the-month subscription for Mother’s Day. She loves it so much we feel a need to repeat that same gift every year. The best part is it’s not a sacrifice to do so, as it’s just a couple of website clicks away. Convenience and gift satisfaction is through the roof with this subscription, so we will always be loyal customers. This formula is how you win at a digital Mother’s Day strategy.

Delivery and digital gifts are always a popular choice for Mother’s Day but get ready for an even bigger spike. Online gifting will increase as fewer people will celebrate in-person during the current global crisis. Virtual family get-togethers and digital communication are at an all-time high, and we don’t expect that to decrease before Mother’s Day. Because many families can’t be there to bring in the breakfast-in-bed, they want to get creative at celebrating milestones within the parameters of social distancing.

In the current climate of having digital communication be the only option, people are looking for creative ways to offer the personal gift that is from the heart. The best value you can offer to gift-givers is simple: an online gifting process that is easy but feels as heartfelt as an in-person gift.

Like my family’s flower-of-the-month subscription, the best Mother’s Day gifts can become annual traditions that have your customers returning every year. This kind of dependable repeat purchase is a good goal for any businesses offering annual gifting opportunities. How can you maximize this level of customer loyalty?


1) Make the online gifting experience as personal as possible

This is where the small amenities make up a big improvement in customer experience. When everyone is hoping to find a heartfelt gift, the seemingly unimportant additions are what will cause the warm, fuzzy feelings and cause people to remember your product next year.

For Delivered Gifts

Chances are the person ordering a delivered Mother’s Day gift can’t be there in person. That means anything you can do to make it feel make sure it feels like they are there in spirit will be remembered. Something as simple as offering hand-written cards with customizable messages can be enough of an incentive to choose to support your business.

Sometimes, a normal brown package just doesn’t get the job done. If you make the gift delivery aesthetically pleasing, the excitement of receiving the gift lasts from start to finish. This can include interesting packaging, little Mother’s Day notes from your business, or free samples of other products. By offering a Mother’s Day gift yourself, you show your appreciation while also introducing new products to your customers for tasteful upselling.

For E-gifts

The E-certificates are even harder to make seem sentimental and heartfelt, so some extra steps to make the online experience special can go a very long way. Even though you can’t add an in-person touch, there are still ways to get creative and make the experience creative and exciting to receive.

Offer a customizable online gifting experience. Allow the person gifting to include their images in the e-certificate design, so it feels personal and from the heart. Allow gift givers to create a little video note to attach to the certificate to add context and send a virtual love letter.

Having these extra options available during the gift purchasing process will delight everyone involved in the Mother’s Day gifting process.

2) Reach out to previous buyers with Mother’s Day reminders

Even the best gift-givers will sometimes need a reminder to get their rears in gear. That means knowing when you should start promoting your Mother’s Day and where that should happen.

Mother’s Day sales should start early to give everyone time to get their ducks in a row. Because many people celebrate Mother’s Day, it’s important to be able to cater to the early planners as well as the last-minute buyers. For big-ticket items like spa packages and getaways, start promoting your campaigns early. For same-day bouquet delivery, a big portion of your campaign resources should be saved for the week of Mother’s Day.

Specifying your message to the ease of digital gifting will be a priority this year. Promote free shipping, fast shipping, and all of the little benefits we discussed above. Include imagery and details of the thought and effort you put into the gifting process for mother. That way potential gift givers can see what the end product will look like. This will build trust that their loved one is receiving a great gift inside and out.

To promote to repeat customers, you can create on-page content like promoting gift guides through lightboxes, retargeting social ads, and e-mail check-ins. Try reminding your customers through your emails and retargeting that they bought a Mother’s Day gift from you last year, and offer new recommendations based on that present. This will jumpstart their memories about last year’s successes and just may persuade them to repeat the process. If you don’t have access to that specific information, share your general Mother’s Day gift guides so they can go search related products themselves.

You can use social ads to show your Mother’s Day content to a new audience like Fair Trade Certified.

3) Reach new potential customers with delivery-specific messaging

Using all of your channels for Mother’s Day promotion is a great way to maximize the understanding of your Mother’s Day-specific value. By highlighting your digital gifting value on your channels, you not only remind people to buy a Mother’s Day gift but can also promote how your product or service offers unique conveniences and benefits.

This means free shipping, Mother’s Day specific specials, and advance purchase specials for non-essential products. If your offerings are not currently available, offering an incentive like a discount for gift cards can make the wait worthwhile.

To promote to a new audience, you can use SEO and ads with your on-page content. Since they have not spent time learning about your company or products, it is important to include right away your unique value and especially your value when it comes to Mother’s Day. By making the call to action clear off the bat, you pave the way for the purchase process to be clear and smooth.

If you don’t have a large initial audience to promote on your social media and website, work with other websites and reach out to their audiences. There are tons of link building opportunities through online Mother’s Day gift guides. This process can be time-consuming, but if done right can have long-term benefits. Find gift guides on google and reach out to the writer to see if they’ll include your product. Most inquiries will most likely go unanswered, but you only need one good link for this process to be worthwhile.

4) Cast a Wide Net of Mother’s Day-related content

Let’s face it – it’s going to be competitive trying to be visible for Mother’s Day gifts when thousands of companies are trying to do the same. By expanding your content to include all mother-like figures in our lives, you can be visible for much less competitive themes, while still reaching people who are celebrated during Mother’s Day.

A majority of companies double-down on Mothers on Mother’s Day, but you can expand your strategy and content to include stepmothers, mothers in law, grandmothers, wives, friends, and daughters. Mothers want to celebrate their daughters. Husbands will celebrate their wives. Friends will celebrate their new-mother friends.

By creating content and acknowledging the less-represented ideas of motherhood, your content will be more widely visible, as well as reminding your viewers to celebrate other special individuals in their lives.

This year’s Mother’s Day will be different – but you can still create those lasting repeat customer relationships. If you need help setting up a great gifting digital Mother’s Day strategy, reach out to our team!

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