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Build Hype for your Digital Product Launch

It’s exciting to watch your company’s hard work in product research and development come to fruition. All those months spent on market research and product testing were worth it. All the hours put into offering the best possible experience is finally paying off. You now have it – a new product or service that is sure to knock your customer’s socks off.

But that’s just the beginning. It can be the best product in the world. But if no one knows about it, it won’t sell. So, it is crucial to get the ball rolling with a digital product launch.

When you hear “product launch,” what probably comes to mind is Nike’s newest Air Jordans or the latest version of the iPhone. These are accompanied by visions of the hottest celebrities flaunting the newest style huge auditoriums cheering for yet another phone camera. These productions take months of preparation and gigantic marketing budgets. There is only a tiny percentage of companies that can pull that off, and most of us can’t reach that level of hype. However, we can still drum up intrigue and excitement from our customers and beyond for a new product or service update.

You don’t have to be a big brand giant to hype up your new offer and crush a product launch. In a world focusing on digital connections, you can pull off a virtual product launch without the expensive in-person event. Whether you are drumming up interest for a new line, product, or update, get your digital product launch the excitement it deserves.

Glossier’s product launch teaser offers just enough information to know what may be in store, but still leaves us interested. Bonus: The color of the promotion is the branding for the new prodict line.

How to Promote Your Virtual Product Launch

Promote ‘teasers’ pre-launch

Let your audience know that something new is on the horizon. You can make content that communicates just enough info to pique the interest of your audience, without giving too much away. Including little hints that draw viewers in will help you increase the number of people interested in learning more.

Product launch hints can be close-up images, insider product reviews, or quotes about the new offer. These little breadcrumbs of value will let engaged followers know to keeping a close eye on your upcoming content.

Make it easy to track the digital product launch content

If you want all of your product launch info to be easily tracked by your audience, you can create a launch-specific hashtag. Creating a launch-specific hashtag will organize and consolidate your info for people who want to learn more. It will also create a way for fans to discuss the new launch, and you can monitor the buzz around the release.

You can also brand your launch-specific content differently, so it stands out from the rest of your content. When your followers scroll through your social feeds or browse your website, product launch content will catch their eye as something new and different.


Provide clear information on the improvements/updates of the new product

Depending on how you plan your virtual product launch, this may happen before or during the major push. Regardless of when you decide to release the info, your followers should know what new benefits you are bringing to the table.

If you have spent time on market research, you understand what kind of improvements your customers went to see. Hopefully that research was used during this launch, showing your audience you listen and use their perspective to make a better product. This is the most important message you can convey during your product launch.

Current customers may debate whether they need the newest version of your product or service. So, you need to communicate what improvements you made and how they benefit the customer. You also need to explain how it’s different from previous products or services. This clear information gives your current customers justifiable reasons to upgrade. 

Test out a soft launch to generate buzz

Try a soft launch with trusted sources to have customer review content to promote right off the bat.

There are many ways to communicate value, but the best way to build confidence in your product is through trusted reviews. Even your best customers will trust an honest review more than your branded content.

You can stimulate word-of-mouth marketing by having ambassadors, partner influencers, and other trusted users test out the product before it is rolled out for the general public. They can create rave reviews and customer stories on their channels as well as build up the reviews on your platforms. That way when the product is launched, there is already content potential customers can review when researching the new product.

Use the new Instagram Shop, Facebook Shop and social Ecommerce so customers can purchase on the same platform they see the product info.  

Incentivize your digital product launch with free offer trials or money-back guarantees

Sometimes, knowing the new benefits aren’t enough to get someone to commit to a new product – especially if it is a big-ticket item. By offering an ‘out’ early in the game, the fear of buyer’s remorse will be low-risk and people will be more likely to test out your product.

If you are building hype for software or online service, offer a temporary free trial. That will create a sense of urgency to try the new product for free. Offer a trial that is long enough for your customers to get used to the new updates and benefits, so they are more likely to commit to the new update post-trial.

If you are offering a physical product, you can offer a money-back guarantee or lenient return policies. That way, there is low risk in being disappointed after purchasing the product. It also instills confidence in your audience if you are comfortable offering such a great return policy. Tt communicates how confident you are that your customer will be happy with the product.

Extend the reach of your digital product launch with relevant PR opportunities

Building media attention around your product launch may seem like a difficult task if you’re aiming too high. You don’t need to contact the New York Times to get some beneficial media buzz around your product launch. A local and/or niche PR strategy will more likely reach the right demographic that cares about your specific offer.

If you are a local company, reach out to local media on covering your product launch. This is a great way to reach a demographic that wants to be aware of local current events and care about supporting local businesses.

If you work in a niche industry, there are niche content platforms for almost every topic under the sun. If you do your research, you can find great PR opportunities that will reach people who are passionate about your industry.

Product launches can be stressful, confusing, and most importantly, exciting. If you need help finding a hype-team to drum up excitement around a digital product launch, reach out to our team!

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