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How to Refresh your Landing Pages for Higher Results

Are your landing pages not converting as well as you’d like them to? Higher conversion rates equate to more customers and more customers mean more potential for profit so high converting landing pages are incredibly beneficial for businesses. You can easily improve your underperforming landing page by fixing certain flaws. Here are six tips to help refresh your landing pages and increase your conversion rates.

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1. Have only ONE specific call-to-action

Multiple offers are confusing and generate way fewer leads than a landing page that offers a single thing. A confused potential lead equals a lower conversion rate. So, narrow your focus and have one specific CTA.

2. Limit the amount of text

You’ve got less than five seconds to grab the attention of a consumer. So don’t beat around the bush, as they say. Be direct, concise, and to-the-point. Bullet points are nice for highlighting the most important elements and benefits of your offer.

3. Don’t require too much information

Please don’t have a complex form for people to fill out. No one has time to play a game of 20 Questions. Ask only for the relevant and necessary information (e.g. name, email, and phone number).

4. Make your landing pages mobile-friendly

Whether you’re using a landing page to convert targeted prospects from an Instagram Stories ad or trying to connect to search ad leads, it is important to make your landing pages mobile-friendly. As we know, more people access the internet with their mobiles than desktops so this step is critical.

This goes for mobile and desktop, but if your page has loading problems (if it takes more than three seconds to load completely), well, you can bet that consumers will abandon the website.

5. Build credibility and validation

Honest testimonials from previous happy customers are always useful in convincing a prospect. Add in a quote and any trust badges your company may have earned.

6. Keep your landing pages enticing and relevant

Ensure that your offers are relevant and that your landing page isn’t generic and boring. Write a grabby headline that lets visitors know the landing page’s purpose.

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Don’t worry if you have to keep rebuilding your landing pages until they’re just right. Making tweaks in small increments can be valuable when trying to get a landing page perfect. Always A/B test different versions too! Test different verbiage and different graphic elements.

Abiding by the above tips will help you use landing pages as the great conversion tool they are.

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