How to use Reddit for Marketing

What is Reddit?  

Reddit is one of the most underutilized social media marketing platforms. With over 52 million daily active users worldwide, you shouldn’t be missing out on a Reddit social media strategy.   

Reddit is formed of thousands of individual communities organized by topic and interests. For example, r/suggestmeabook has over 1 million subscribers consisting of users who are interested in sharing favorite books or finding new ones to read. Users of Reddit subscribe to the communities of their choice to tailor their feed to their likes and interests. Users publish links, photos, and videos that are then “upvoted” or “downvoted.” The system allows for popular content to rise to the top whereas irrelevant content gets buried. 

You can find subreddits on pretty much anything, whether it be discussing your best coffee tips and tricks in r/roasting or finding durable products in r/buyitforlife, there is a subreddit out there to fit your organization’s content.  

How to market on Reddit  

Keep in mind that Redditors are protective of the communities they have created and the rules and guidelines that come along with them. To follow guidelines, check each subreddit to make sure the content you are posting follows the rules and will appeal to that community. For example, the r/catsinsinks is a subreddit for posting pictures of cats in sinks. The only rule is, that it must be a picture of a cat in a sink. With over 100,000 members, if you post something that is not a cat in a sink, you will be downvoted immediately. Users do not take kindly people trying to promote something without contributing to the community themselves,  be mindful of your content.  

Along the same lines, users don’t want to hear from an account with no posts other than self-promoting posts. Immerse yourself in Reddit and take the time to get involved in communities that align with your organization. Focus on building relationships and exploring the platform before you start posting. People love to see genuine content! You can find several conversations about popular brands on Reddit because people love to be authentic and give honest reviews. For example, the r/makeupaddiction subreddit is full of users giving honest product reviews and asking for recommendations. Find communities that would be interested in your organization and share your content with them! 

The key to Reddit is to be active in the communities! Don’t schedule your content then forget about it. Keep tabs on what different communities are saying to chime in or learn how to improve your content. For example, in r/pittsburgh, users were searching for nonprofit organizations to give to on Giving Tuesday. This would be a great space to share your mission statement and provide a compelling statement for users to donate.  

Reddit is home to lots of user-generated content. Search through Reddit to see if users have posted content relating to your organization! Reddit user chronoventer posted about the organization Little Angels Service Dogs who provides services dogs to disabled people in need along with an adorable photo. This would be great content to re-share to your own account or to develop a better relationship with a grateful recipient! Reddit creates a direct line between your organization and the audience. On posts like this one, you can engage with your audience, answer questions,  and show that your brand is personal. 

Another great way to get involved in Reddit communities is to host an AMA event. AMA events or “Ask Me Anything” sessions are a unique way to engage with fans organically. This allows you to develop a relationship with your audience. For example, nonprofit organization Lily’s List hosted an AMA event explaining how they started a nonprofit organization when their daughter Lily was diagnosed with Zellweger Spectrum disorder. Their organization specializes in sending boxes of items to help families with medically fragile children. They included their website, social media links, donation links, and even a link to a live twitch stream. Users asked questions such as “What do you include in the boxes” and “Is this condition genetic?” This was the fourth AMA they have hosted and it has over 7.6K votes. Not only were they able to answer questions and gather donations, but they reached new supporters and raised awareness for their cause. 

Marketing on Reddit can be tricky, but it’s worth exploring and adding the platform to your marketing strategy. If you are interested in creating a Reddit marketing strategy for your organization, reach out to our team! 

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