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I Love You, I Hate You: Women, Smartphones, and Social Media

Last week I came across an infographic on women and technology that I can’t seem to stop thinking about, so I thought I’d share it here with you.

Huffington Post and Real Simple teamed up to create an online poll that was answered by 3,583 women between October 7 and October 18. The poll asked questions about how smartphones and social media affect their lives.

The poll group was targeted narrowly, to be sure — most respondents were over age 30 and a little more than half had children, and given the source media (again, Huffington Post and Real Simple) we can probably assume most were middle to upper-middle class. Still, even narrow results point to broader trends, and worthwhile insights can be gleaned from trends. Plus, it was interesting to see how I compared to the data set.

Some interesting findings from the poll:

  • 74% of respondents said they are definitely not addicted to their smartphones.
  • However, 76% said they check their phones at least once an hour — half of these said they look every 15 minutes or less.
  • And 46% reported that they keep their phones beside their beds so they can check it first thing in the morning (part of me wonders if that’s also because they use their phones as alarm clocks? I certainly do).
  • Most respondents reported that social media makes them feel “connected,” “entertained,” and “informed.”
  • However, that connectivity is not without conflict and guilt. 80% reported considering taking themselves off of Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms at some point — and just over half of those have actually gone through with it.
  • As one woman reported: “I realized I was more interested in getting home to harvest my crops on FarmVille than in what my friend was telling me over lunch.” Yikes!

I’d love to see a comparison for men! In the meantime, read on, and then tell me what your relationship is like with your smartphone and social media — is it fall more on the side of hate, or the side of love?

[Note: if the infographic text is too small for you to read here, a larger version can be seen here.]

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