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Introducing Rosie, Dowitcher’s New Digital Marketer!

rosie-sullivanI’m thrilled to introduce Rosie Sullivan, the latest edition to our Dowitcher team. Rosie was up and running so quickly that we’ve kept her busy with projects and we barely had time to sit down and catch up! Next week she’ll have been on staff for one month already, and the rest of us can definitely say the time is flying.

We’ve discovered many important things about Rosie, including that she loves dogs, that my dog Trixie adores her (which is almost a job requirement… Trix is a very good judge of character), and Rosie’s an amazing baker (which is both really good and slightly bad, but good wins). Oh and she’s already quite good at her job. But enough about my impressions. I’ll let her answers do the rest of the talking:

What brought you to Santa Barbara?

I ventured to SB to attend school and graduated from UCSB in March, 2013 with a B.A. in Film and Media Studies and minors in English and Anthropology. I couldn’t find a reason to leave this beautiful community, realized abundant sunshine makes me happy, and met a dog (and his man).

How did you become interested in social media and marketing?

I happened upon social media/marketing completely by accident … on a personal level, I have little interest in maintaining much of a social presence. However, while working at a local online magazine I was asked to take control of their social channels and in researching the best strategies I discovered a real interest in marketing. I became fascinated with the ways that online marketing and social media can help a business grow. I’m intrigued with developing communities in different spaces, be they an office building or the worldwide web. 🙂

Do you have a favorite social network? If so, why?

I’m a sucker for Pinterest, I get all my fashion and food inspiration there. There’s a crazy amount of creativity out there! But I’ve recently ‘discovered’ Instagram and how it can be utilized by companies to encourage engagement with audiences and really foster a sense of community. It’s the fastest growing social platform and has great potential for marketers and companies hoping to establish their brand or blog!

Favorite color?

Despite my black-centric wardrobe, I really love mustard and wine. (Yes the colors.)

Any pets? (I’m cheating, I know this one but I want to see a cute pic.)

My puppy dawg, Basil — destroyer of tennis balls and total couch potato — is almost five years old now! basil-dog-pic

If you could go on a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I have severe wanderlust so couldn’t possibly pick just one place to travel to, but let’s go with Greece. And back to France. And Portugal. And Thailand. And Machu Picchu…

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