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It’s Time for a Vacation, Here’s Why

Got plans for the new year? Launching a new business, a new marketing campaign, buying a new car? No matter what your plans are, we think you should build in some time for a vacation (if you haven’t already). Taking a little time away from the office (even one as nice as what I go to every day) is a good way to kick off any resolutions you may have.

A big problem about vacations is that we simply don’t take enough of them. Plus, 61% of people who do pack their bags and get out of town end up working while on vacation (I’m certainly guilty of this). But guess what, research shows taking a vacation is good for us. Among the benefits? It reduces stress, improves happiness, and increases productivity!


Doesn’t starting 2017 with a fresh mind, maybe a little tan, sound nice? So go ahead, request the time off; you deserve it! This fun infographic from Quill explains just why taking a vacation is a must.



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