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Keep in touch over the holidays without being creepy

Email discounts quickly pile up in our inboxes. Post campaigns are quickly strewn together and peppered in our social streams. Even Christmas cards are stuffed in our physical mailboxes with hopes that you purchase something. Anything!

Sometimes, we can all forget that the true meaning of the holidays isn’t about spending lots of money on luxury items. If you push too hard, your customers will realize you’re just using the holidays to make a buck.

There are ways to keep in touch over the holidays that don’t include breaking down your customer’s door with a loud promotional campaign.

Tis the season of giving, y’all 

Holiday related charity to promote on your platforms for increased awareness 

Give someone else the mic in the name of holiday cheer by creating a local organization campaign. This is a great way for your platforms to stay active without going too commercial. Highlight multiple nonprofit holiday opportunities or focus on one organization, event, or opportunity. This can improve your community standing and will be a breath of fresh air for your audience.

Click here to download the complete guide to timing your holiday campaigns.

Donation-based promotions 

Give your audience a good reason to pay attention to your content by promoting and speaking for a local nonprofit organization. This nonprofit strategy supports your company while simultaneously supporting a cause. You know the drill: 10% of every purchase you make in December will be donated to… 

Tip: Whenever supporting a charity, focus on an organization that has a cause connected to the beliefs and mission of your company. It is more consistent for your brand and you already know that your audience cares about the cause.

Make Holiday shopping convenient

Gift buying guides 

Decrease the stress of the decision process with gift guides for everyone on the ‘nice’ list. This doesn’t mean promoting a list of all of your products. This will seem too sales-y and doesn’t offer new value to the viewer. Conduct market research to find this year’s trendy or creative gifts and your audience will appreciate the quality content.

Tip: Create these guides in advance for the content to gain traction by the time your audience starts holiday shopping!

Promote any convenient holiday extras you offer 

Get back to basics and showcase exactly how your holiday gifts save the buyer time, money, and stress. You can achieve this by highlighting the convenience value you bring to the gifting process. This can look like free shipping, festive wrapping, or easy exchanges. This convenience value could be the only info your audience needs during the inevitable stress of the season.

Always make any free shipping or shipment expedition opportunities known. For example, highlighting a no-stress post-holiday refund process will minimize any potential buyer’s remorse.

The value could be as simple as offering festive holiday packaging through gift shipments. Thoughtful gestures go a long way in establishing your company as an easy holiday gift option.

Spend Extra Time On Your Holiday Campaign Copy

Be festive but not repetitive

Tons of companies are promoting holiday campaigns at the same time, causing an increase in holiday ad competition. As a result, increased holiday competition can drown an initial engagement ad campaign (especially with a small budget). With everyone being targeted with new brands, initial engagement campaigns may not be great for ROI.

However, taking a deep breath and focusing on the basics will ultimately simplify your strategy. What is the value you bring to the holidays? Add facts on how you offer a simple holiday buying experience, and your ads will cut through the noise.

Example: ‘Skip the paper-cuts this year. Our products are shipped straight to the receiver – 100% ‘under-the-tree’ ready.’

Segment your audiences to offer the most relevant info

The best way to delight your audience is to make sure they are receiving relevant information. Segment your audiences by primary audiences (the individuals purchasing your product for themselves,) and secondary audiences (individuals who are purchasing your product as a gift for someone else).

By reaching out to audience segments with tailored copy, you will improve engagement with your social and email efforts!

Helpful hint: Check out our blog that breaks down Holiday Audience Personas!

Promote past December (in moderation) 

As your audience recovers from the ‘holiday hangover’, there will inevitably be a lull in engagement come December 25th. Remind your audience to keep in touch past the holidays by building hype around the new year. Time your company news or releases strategically and have exciting updates for January to continue the conversation with your audience. Create some social posts to promote a ‘new year new product’ campaign, or any exciting content available with the new year.

Keep in touch over the holidays the classy way. Are you ready to set up a post-holiday strategy? Reach out to our team to discuss!

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