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Last Minute #GivingTuesday Campaign Tips

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Last year we wrote a brief introduction to #GivingTuesday. With the global day of giving on November 30, 2021, we’ve got a little more than two weeks to either put the finishing touches on a campaign or put together some quick ideas on how to leverage what’s become a big day of fundraising.


If you haven’t already, get your non-profit organization listed: Easy win! Now on to the slightly more involved ones…

  • Set goals. This can be a hard one if you’re looking at last minute items, but I’m going to challenge you to set some kind of goal. It can be bringing in five new donors, engaging an existing audience, partnering with an organization, or simply posting content about #GivingTuesday for the first time. Set something reasonable that you can achieve and plan for a stretch goal variation of it.
  • Gather testimonials, particularly from donors. We typically think of telling the organization’s story, and we should definitely do that. But we can also highlight donors and share why they gave; it’s a great way to help people identify with donors and see themselves as one.
  • Play off your year end appeal, but don’t cannibalize it. It’s kick off time for end of year holiday giving, and while we want synergy between our campaigns, we don’t want to share all of our good stories at once. Use this to lead into year end appeals and other campaigns
  • Dust off that donate page. There’s not a lot of time to make changes, but if you think something can be improved, now’s the time to go for it! Plus, the increased attention will help gather data if those changes are working as we’d like.
  • Have donors, volunteers, or others who are active on social? Invite them to be a part of the campaign! Also consider sharing their content – this is a great time for unselfish social.
  • Highlight partners and collaborators. There’s plenty of love to go around, and sharing about another organization that supports you helps you both.
  • Decide what happens after #GivingTuesday. Will the messaging be a part of a broader campaign? Will you email donors with results of the campaign (“together we accomplished…”) or will you draw them into a larger community?
  • Track to adapt and learn. Setting up tagged links for tracking purposes and looking at conversations, actions and conversions sets us up for better success next year. What worked? What could have worked better? We can use this information now to already start planning next year’s campaign.


Have other #GivingTuesday tips? Share them below and we’ll join the conversation. Happy fundraising!



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