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Leveraging Instagram for Peer to Peer Fundraisers

Facebook has historically brought it with the Peer-t-peer fundraiser functionalities, but Instagram has taken steps to be an even easier platform to promote nonprofit donations. The Instagram donate button that was an added functionality to Instagram stories can be a game-changer for peer-to-peer fundraisers. It takes less than one minute to set up a quick Instagram donate campaign that will be seen by a majority of a peer’s social audience.

You can empower your audience to set up Instagram donate campaigns through streamlining the process even further. Create a permanent Instagram story with easily repostable story content with organization info, images, and nonprofit statistics. All your audience will have to do is repost the content and add a donate sticker.

Sounds simple enough, but let’s break down exactly what needs to happen to stimulate more Instagram peer-to-peer fundraiser campaigns.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation set up a 'donate now' instagram story highlight for easy peer-to-peer campaign setup

The Make-A-Wish Foundation set up a ‘donate now’ Instagram story highlight for easy peer-to-peer campaign setup

Provide information on how to set up a campaign through story highlights 

Savvy IG users know how to set up an Instagram story and use the new Instagram donate button. However, setting up content and resources to streamline the process may boost the number of Instagram fundraising campaigns.

Include the info on how to set up a story donation campaign not so much to explain the process, but to make sure that your Instagram peer-to-peer fundraisers include all the resources you have that will improve the engagement with campaigns. This means, branding, information, data, hashtags, Calls To Action and still images people can easily screenshot and use on their own platforms.

Provide assets for visually beautiful fundraising campaigns

Set up several story highlights with varying themes that individuals can use in their campaigns. Users can then choose a story they know will resonate the most with their peer groups. This also gives new prospects visiting your pages the chance to inform themselves on your cause.

Include hashtags so you can follow any Instagram campaigns

Hashtags are a surprisingly overlooked method to easily share or house all nonprofit information fundraisers. For you and your team, having a specific hashtag to use with all published content is an organizational tool. They are a quick way to take a look at all live P2P fundraisers for easy sharing, engaging, and thanking.

For your supporters and potential supporters, having a specific branded hashtag is essentially a door they can open to all social information on your nonprofit.

There are a few important steps to take to fully leverage hashtags for your nonprofit. First, establish one strong branded hashtag, and stick to it. That means choosing the right hashtag at the very beginning or else your information will be separated by hashtag changes. Second, make sure to use that specific hashtag on every post, so your supporters know what they are supposed to tag when promoting your nonprofit on social.

Create an Influencer Instagram takeover

Now you have all of your content, instructions and resources available and tied up with a pretty little bow. But if you have low amounts of engagement or viewership to your page, it’s not going to help much. You can fix your viewership issue by reaching out to prominent members in your community to promote your cause on Instagram.

When choosing an influencer, keep a few things in mind:

The right influencer for you doesn’t need to have millions of followers to have a pull in your community. If an interesting or prominent individual has a group of actively engaging viewers, that is more valuable than tons of half-interested followers. Especially if you are a local-minded nonprofit, choose someone in the local community to voice your cause.

Make sure to vet your potential supporters – especially if they will be doing an Instagram takeover on your profile. The most successful influencer will most likely be someone who is already an activist for your cause.

Leverage influencers in your Instagram Peer to Peer fundraiser strategy:

Have an influencer run a peer to peer fundraiser on their profile.
Due to the nature of their work, influencers tend to quite active on IG. Take a slice of that constant social engagement by running an influencer peer to peer fundraiser supporting your cause.

Run an Instagram Takeover!
Instagram takeovers stimulate new audience awareness. Influencers will guide their fans to your profile. Once they are on your profile, your peer-to-peer fundraiser info is right there ripe for the taking.

Instagram can be a treasure-trove of peer-to-peer fundraising opportunity, but it takes a but of preparation. Do you have the content and resources to run a successful IG fundraising strategy? If not, reach out to our team for a consult!

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