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Life as a Facebook Power User: What You Should Know

It’s impossible not to be bombarded with Facebook news right now, after the pre-IPO excitement and hype, the actual public offering, and the aftermath of slide. Now there are all sorts of theories about what’s next for the #1 most visited website, and we’ll be weighing in with our thoughts, too. But first, if you missed the recent infographic on Facebook power users, you’ll want to check this out.

DemandForce compiled statistics and highlights from a recent Pew Research study that concluded roughly one fifth of  Facebook users drive a majority of actions on the site. These are our potential brand evangelists, the people who will share and like and comment, and enjoy doing so. Do you have power user friends or fans? How do you engage them? Do you fall into this upper echelon of users yourself? (There’s quite a bit of competition!)

Facebook power users infographic

Infographic from DemandForce

Let us know if you’re a power user, if you have power user fans, or how you would look to engage power users on Facebook.

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